A couple of things were predictable tonight. Firstly, after playing in those conditions last Sunday and having a 5 day turnaround only to see another wet track was always going to make life difficult for us tonight. No excuse, its a fact and anyone who suggest otherwise has never played league in a bog, it really, really takes it out of you.

We got some crap calls, the dragons upheld challenge on the Brown strip was a disgrace and that gifted them possession and 6 points. The clear dragons knock on not called before half-time robbed us of 3 plays on the line. The Mahoney no try when it went up try, how can they say it definitely touched the dead ball line 1st, incorrect call given on field call and camera angles available.

Lastly, the most predictable thing this evening, despite losing only our 3rd game in 14 rounds - why did BA get an extension, we can't make the top 4, we cant play, BA is a myth blah blah blah. You idiots carrying on with that shit are a dead set disgrace. Same fools who wrote us off at the start of the year and aren't happy with 3rd on the ladder after 14 rounds, you are an embarrassment to yourselves. I cannot believe that you're eels fans, you only seem happy to have  a whinge after a loss, must be a sad life just waiting for something to go wrong before hitting the keyboard and ignoring everything that's gone right this year, just so sad....

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  • We're shit . 

    • Gee, the 13 teams below us must be really crap then??? Great insightful comment.

    • Wells said 

  • The most predictable idiot of the lot of us just confirms his status. 

    You live in a bubble son

    • Benny you're a dead set oxygen thief, piss off and support whatever club you want, which seems to be whoever the eels are playing this week.

      • Your first one liner was much better, just like Parra, all down hill from here 

  • Agree absolutely Brissy.... the fair wether supporters that came out from under their rocks were just stunning.

    We can say a number of things but the obvious ones are maybe we are just not as good as we thought we were.

    It seems the armchair critics that have buried their hate have had a smorgasboard that has just been itching to get out.

    There is not an easy game for anyone in this competition as could be seen with the Penrith/warriors game tonight....gee could you imagine our diehard supporters rubbishing us if we had put in that performance.

    The footy gods decided that game, Mary had his sendoff ....shit advice to some of the critics, is get a new hobby, your lack of loyalty is a reflection of what you critise the team for. Go and follow someone that you can enjoy because its obvious you don't deserve to follow a football team in a normal sporting manner.

    Your title of this blog is perfect Brissy....all very PREDICTABLE  by  our fair wether supporters.

    • Criticism is not a lack of loyalty Poppa.

      Hanging tough through a 34 year drought is.

      • This ^^^^^ and fcuk it sucks!!!

      • Spot on Frank, unless you want to blow the coach', the club or the players you aren't a true fan.


        Whaf a crock of shit.

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