• Suva is just up the road, you silly old that 6.30 Qld time or Cockroach time?

    • Foxtel time 

      • I hate daylight saving.ive just woken up 

        • Try living on the border. My house gets qld channel 9 and nsw channel 7 & 10. So confusing.

  • Fox 6.30 pm daylight saving time NSW. Due has been pretty good this year as I like all halves gets better with time. Has anyone noticed how good Lachlan Lewis is?

    • *DCE not Due. 

  • Is this one of superdopes accounts, again. Is that live in Suva at 6.30am or pm?. Do they have fox in Suva?. What ground are they playing at? In future supersluggdope, if you post a blog, make sure you have all the correct information available. 

    • Why would you have to ask if it's am or pm...

      • Because he’s an idiot. Would you let this quack operate on you?

        • His wife tells me he's a pretty good operator Slugg......he maybe able to take a few rings of that appendage of yours.

          He is also famously known as a Gyno!


This reply was deleted.

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