Please go Mahoney and take Brad with you

1. First up, Mahoney looks disinterested and appears to be trying to knock the ball on, miss tackles and misfire passes at every opportunity. Reed, take your WHITE head gear off you are drawing attention to your woeful performance. Get over to dogs ASAP please. Gould is waiting for you.

2. Sivo has done nothing.

3. Penisini has a lot to learn. Should be pulled from the game if possible.

4. Moses plays well when he chooses to have a go. Not tonight. Mitch, Stop looking at your hair on the big screen and do something other than try assists for the other side.

5. Brad Arthur - good on ya Brad!! Love the way you get the best out of the side.... good stuff mate. Hit it up x 4 then an offload or a kick. Great plan champ.

In conclusion - What a poor showing. How many years has it been now?? The great players of the 80s must be thinking, "maybe we will be the last eels players to ever win a comp." 

Self defeating losers (literally).

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  • Mahoney 

    you would think he actually is trying to sink the season 


  • 100% Mahoney can fuck off now has been absolutely rubbish all year, week in week out he is outplayed by the opposition number 9

  • Mahoney's been average all year. 

  • Brad Arthur come out and coach group 6 Narellan Jets looking for a coach and some players 

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