Please Explain!!!!

Can someone explain how JWH got off, and I mean in a legal sense. There's 3 gradings careless, reckless and intentional. So what the Judiciary have said, is that JWH was not guilty of even the lowest grading - Grade 1 careless - NOT GUILTY. This defies belief as he clearly hit him flush on the head with a swinging arm and knocked him out. Now it may not have been intentional, it may not have even been reckless, but how in the hell did they say it wasn't even careless??!! And then a few hours later, they have a bloke who correctly argues 1st contact was with his chest to the shoulder of the opposing player and they deem it guilty, but won't even downgrade it as requested - yes, downgrade. Maybe Evans should have plead not guilty going off the absolutely ridiculous JWH ruling. Once again, the NRL have set themselves a new low and completely ignored previous precedents - I've seen blokes suspended for far less than JWH this year. And don't forget Michael Jennings cops 1 week earlier this year for an early plea for a high tackle when Yeo slipped and was falling. I GUARANTEE if he went to the Judiciary as not guilty it would have been upheld and that probably would have cost 2 weeks. You then look at Tapou who many commentators called as a send off offence and guess what, he cops 1 week as well - how?? Surely that tackle had to go off the careless grading and into teh reckless at a minimum. But nope, he gets the same as Evans Grade 2 for a Grade 3 - once again, please explain?? Carry over points are rubbish, the gradings are rubbish, the Judiciary is rubbish.

There is now absoloutely no doubt that the NRL Match Review Committee and Judiciary are completely inept. I'd go so far now as to say you could prove them as biased, which then leads to the fact that they are corrupt. It's a big call, but when you see the rubbish they dish up week after week that's the only clear conclusion you can draw.

Paul Kent is calling for a complete overhaul of the system. Well bugger me, but I agree 100% with Kent, it's a bloody sham. Zero consistency, zero common sense.


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    • And that's the problem. You cannot legally argue that what JWH did was not careless - it's simply impossible. Yet the idiots at the Judiciary apparently accepted the defence argument that it was an accident. I don't accept it was an accident at all, but even if the dopes get to that point, then it is still careless. There's no escaping it unless you're a blessed Roosters player in a corrupt competition....Then we have Evans, a player slips and hits his chest shoulder first, but they can't even downgrade that after condoning JWH's tackle to an accident?? Hello, consistency you morons!!!!



      • brissyeel, The NRL want a roosters souths GF. They will do everything in their power to make it happen. The NRL has become reality TV & they write the scrips. Get ready for some real head scratchers during this final series.

    • Yep, remove former players from the Judiciary and get people that are independant and deal with things according to legal definition and factual evidence.

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    • Tad I heard a story the other day on Fox, can't remember who said it, but the reference was now that Beattie is going and V'Landys taking over the NRL has "The Dream Team" in charge with V'Landys and Greenberg. Please, Greenberg is the biggest myth and most corrupt official in sporting administration in the world. He wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes in private enterprise where you have to answer to your stakeholders. It's a disgrace he was ever appointed and a bigger disgrace that he's still there. 

      • brissy, Greenberg will be answerable to V'Landys who is results oriented and I don't think he'll allow Greenberg to get away with the indefensible inaction he has up until now.

  • The NRL commission and everything they control is done to get the outcome they want. Don't think for a minute that the decisions they make are just bad calls. They know exactly what they are doing and they do it to decide how the comp plays out. At the moment there is a chance of a roosters rabbits GF and the NRL will do everything in it's power to make that happen. Now sit back and watch how this finals series plays out. I bet roosters and souths get calls that have us all wondering what the hell are they thinking and the NRL won't give a crap what the fans say. 

    • Why would the NRL want a Rabbitohs/Roosters GF?

  • All legit. Evans the bum should have been booted. 

  • I’m not sure why people get upset anymore , it’s absolutely beyond doubt that there’s a set outcome the NRL desire . It’s like watching WWE and thinking you’ve just watched a match that could’ve went either way.  It’s no longer a rugby league competition, it’s entertainment . 

  • The NRL IS corrupt!

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