Panthers squad for eels trial match

Panthers (squad): Api Koroisau, Brian To'o, Charlie Staines, Dylan Edwards, Isaah Yeo, James Fisher-Harris, Jarome Luai, J'maine Hopgood, Kurt Capewell, Liam Martin, Matt Burton, Matt Eisenhuth, Moses Leota, Nathan Cleary, Paul Momirovski, Spencer Leniu, Stephen Crichton, Tyrone May, Viliame Kikau



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  • Looks like they light on for middle forwards, they won't win 19 in row this season wouldn't be surprised if they drop out of the top 4

  • I think we should win, I think they're really lacking experience.

  • This is only a trial match of course . Be good to see the players majority of whom will be running out for first time since last year . Coaches might decide not to field their best on the paddock for any considerable part of the 80 minutes .  Winning a trial match is not proving anything because even if we play good , losing might still be acceptable depending on the circumstances .  We should be looking at performances of players and not the scoreboard. A win for Parra very nice though especially against last years minor premiers LOL . 

    • It's all about the players opening their pipes a bit.

      Result doesn't matter, having everyone pull through without injuries is the biggest priority.

      The winning will hopefully start when the season kicks off.


      • Scott...huh?

        • He's up there Grunt's!

    • LOSING is for losers and never acceptable.

      Winners laugh, losers lose.

      But hey, the Eels seem to like mediocrity and losing. A genuine art form.

  • Winning a trial game is nice but not important. The first half will give us an idea the second half not so much. Most of top players are usually taken off for the second half. 

    • Right on Slugg.  There are still only 26 players in the eels NRL squad, leaving out MJ  at this point.  It means we have to have at least 3 more players in the squad prior to the main comp starting, and 30 by mid year,  

      Trials have usually always been with the main squad playing the first half and then the contenders for the 2nd half, as such 3 players will really need to show they can play NRL standards.  Will be good to watch.

  • The challenge for the Panthers this season will be replacing Tamou and Mansour's experience. They let them go to keep their young crop but Tamou especially was such a big part of what they did last year.

    They also have to deal with having a target on their backs which is something they won't be used to.

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