Panthers made 2nd week of finals 3 times before gf

I found it interesting that Panthers made the 2nd weeks 3 times in a row besides last year of course which was a disaster for off field reasons for them, but it just goes to show it takes time for a premiership the panthers IMO just needed the right mix of experience and youth which I firmly believe we are starting to get. We have built a roster of players which the majority haven't played finals until joining the eels or have made their debut with the club, all these players are getting invaluable experience which will only make them better. But I will say this year with mjennings most likely going and a over turn of players means we need to buy smartly because it could be the difference between getting to the grand final or going backwards. 
I have always been a ba supporter but I think the next two years he needs to advance us to a gf or it's time for someone new 

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  • So if I read this right you are a bra supporter looking for a GF - right?

    OK - nothing wrong with that I suppose.

    • Yes but I think if he can't at least get us in a gf in the next two years he should move on 

  • I wholeheartedly agree with you, Bug. There are too many on here who want to vent their frustration and throw the baby out with the bath water.

    I'm much happier finishing in the top 4 or 5 with an administration that is more measured and astute than the factional nitwits "running" things before Max Donnelly was appointed when our seasons mirrored our dysfunctional head office. Of course our performances in recent finals have been very disappointing especially since we haven't won a competition for so long.  But as long as our roster remains competitive enough next season to maintain our place in the top four and we win some finals games BA should see out his contract. Under no circumstances, however, should he get an upgrade before the end of 2022 unless we've won a premiership by then. If next season, we don't get past week two of the finals, his position would be untenable, so we should pay BA out  for 2022 and get a coach who is capable of reaching higher achievements. There will be a few possible candidates available at the end of next year but we would have to get the right bloke.

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