We have seen a paradigm shift as the season progresses, we have watched other team’s manage and finesse their operations through all the extraordinary aspects of this Covid year and now emerging into the finals as finely tuned instrument’s of Rugby League.

We have played exceptionally well to start with and have since regressed as players such as Sivo, Ferguson, Waqar, Lane, Evans go backwards and honestly they all need replacing, Waqar maybe be able to be saved by moving to a wing. Ferguson could just be a victim of Waqar?

Our depth is very ordinary and we are suffering by having a 9 with no options and no back up….we also have no back up in the halves or fullback. Look at the support that Penrith have if Cleary gets injured tomorrow the halves have scott burton to step up, wingers and full backs interchangeable…..forwards we would like to recruit.

I’m sorry to say this, sack the coach if you wish but the reality is there is no obvious replacement waiting in the wings. We started a plan 18 months ago, if that plan is being implemented and reviewed like all plans should be, then that should be happening now.

Mark O’Neill should be hitting all the buttons with his CEO and Coach and making room for next year. If BA needs new assistants get Flannagan or someone with an experience BA does not seem to have. The boats sinking, man the life rafts now, before the storm hits (no pun). Recruit now because if we rely on our current cattle we are doomed for the next 12 months as well.

Now some may say that would be panicking but it is a reality...... we overachieved from the beginning. Cast your minds back to preseason and we were not very exciting... the positives were remembering the Broncs, the opening of Bankwest and the negatives of playing Storm in the semi's. The first game against the dogs was a slog match and we all remembered being beaten in a similar game previous year. We then tackled the Titans and in an unimpressive display put on a big score primarily in them imploding in the last 20 minutes, that gave us big for and against that put us No1 on the ladder. We got excited over such dominance because we sat there for 6/7 week until our next game against an undefeated Broncs with an exciting young side, we put a big score on and we got a "hard on" with our fickle fans saying this is the year and the media hopping on board at the same time.

Since then we have basically done nothing but regress......its time and I am not talking Labour 1972

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          • OH FFS - now both of you ripping into the $4.00 bottles.

            NURSE - NURSE, sedatives for these two please, and NO sponge baths for a onth.

      • Mushy  we are all different. Talking of good halfbacks Ijust saw Shaun Johnson set up a great try to secure Sharks spot in 8. Sorry for Warriors they have lifted so well lately too. Good bye the rest and thank you for a great season. 

        Joey Johns had N. Cleary kicking those bombs in SOO do you remember and he kicked quite a few?  They were raving about them and they created havoc. Now Nathan playing his own game doesn't use them much at all. They are designed to come down spinning heavily and really hard to catch which they did so in  SOO.  Eels bombs sat nicely for Edwards to pick up to run back effortlessly which he enjoys. Huge difference. 

  • Carr is not a fullback staggs would be my first target 

    • You will have to wait for 2022 for Staggs.... you just have to use a little imagination to get ado carr to fullback.....if not he is always going to be a great winger.....

      • just because he has speed doesn't make him fullback material .gutho has been solid at the back no reason to change that unless its sheck, turbo or teddy

        • What happened to your imagination, your sort of thinking would work in the public service.....am I close?

          • There you go again Poppa - thinking and public service are arch enemies, let alone adding the word work.

            • Lol

        • You have to be thick skinned on the site Trent. Ignore them. It's your team to and entitled to opinion. 

  • Hang on Popps - it was not all that long ago you were praising the efforts of O'Neill for his prudent aquisitions and now you are implying he is not doing his job?

    This fiasco re a pandemic that many experts (medical and otherwise) are questioning has decimated every professional, and semi professional sport in Australia.

    The question we should be asking is why the Eels have not followed the lead of the top clubs and kept their back up players close to the action if injury decides they are needed.

    Storm lost 13 players and hardly stumbled, let alone failed.

    We get 3 injuries and are in dire straits.

    Admittedly we did rid of our back up hookers but with Field, Smith, Rankin, Salmon on the roster we shouild not be that hard pressed to bring in replacements at hooker or the halves - however we take a LOCK and try to turn him into a hooker overnight. That is not due to lack of depth, that is simply because the man at the top is a dikhead and apparently has NFI what he is doing.

    I dispute we over achieved from the start, in fact we played the way this team should have been playing for the past several years - then the man at the top decided he could not have that and changed everything, which I believe not only confused the entire competition but also the players.

    The other aspect you applauded was the LACK of media leaks with who we were chasing - is this still the case?

    If media leaks are not occuring then who is to say we are sitting on our hands with no recruitment and retention activity?

    The one word no one uses anymore is consistency - for the past several years that was almost everyone's catch cry - "We lack consistency."  "We need more consistency," but this year when consistency at all levels no longer exists we apparently don't see a need for it anymore.

    We need a coach that is consistent - selecting the same players every week regardless of their performance, or outcome of the last game is NOT consistency.

    We need a board that oversees the coach and his staff, without interfering, and lets the coach know when they feel he is failing in his job. They need the coach to be reporting to them on a regular basis to understand what he is doing and has in mind for the future. That could be a monthly review, 2 monthly or quarterly.

    Simply renewing a coaches contract early under the guise of stability is not being consistent, and a failure of the duty of care from the board.

    Now that the Tribal Council (thanks for that one Carlo) has spoken of their discontent in the coach it appears we are already into ORF SEEZUN stoopidity blogs that lack thought.



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