We have seen a paradigm shift as the season progresses, we have watched other team’s manage and finesse their operations through all the extraordinary aspects of this Covid year and now emerging into the finals as finely tuned instrument’s of Rugby League.

We have played exceptionally well to start with and have since regressed as players such as Sivo, Ferguson, Waqar, Lane, Evans go backwards and honestly they all need replacing, Waqar maybe be able to be saved by moving to a wing. Ferguson could just be a victim of Waqar?

Our depth is very ordinary and we are suffering by having a 9 with no options and no back up….we also have no back up in the halves or fullback. Look at the support that Penrith have if Cleary gets injured tomorrow the halves have scott burton to step up, wingers and full backs interchangeable…..forwards we would like to recruit.

I’m sorry to say this, sack the coach if you wish but the reality is there is no obvious replacement waiting in the wings. We started a plan 18 months ago, if that plan is being implemented and reviewed like all plans should be, then that should be happening now.

Mark O’Neill should be hitting all the buttons with his CEO and Coach and making room for next year. If BA needs new assistants get Flannagan or someone with an experience BA does not seem to have. The boats sinking, man the life rafts now, before the storm hits (no pun). Recruit now because if we rely on our current cattle we are doomed for the next 12 months as well.

Now some may say that would be panicking but it is a reality...... we overachieved from the beginning. Cast your minds back to preseason and we were not very exciting... the positives were remembering the Broncs, the opening of Bankwest and the negatives of playing Storm in the semi's. The first game against the dogs was a slog match and we all remembered being beaten in a similar game previous year. We then tackled the Titans and in an unimpressive display put on a big score primarily in them imploding in the last 20 minutes, that gave us big for and against that put us No1 on the ladder. We got excited over such dominance because we sat there for 6/7 week until our next game against an undefeated Broncs with an exciting young side, we put a big score on and we got a "hard on" with our fickle fans saying this is the year and the media hopping on board at the same time.

Since then we have basically done nothing but regress......its time and I am not talking Labour 1972

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  • Just to start the ball rolling, i would go after Ado Carr....offer him fullback and move Guth to the centres (he becomes the go to for our whole backline). Ado Carr wants fullback, just pay the bucks .....we need the speed.

    I would also go after Kotoni Staggs, even if he is not available till 22. The  hooker forward....say Havill from the Raiders and a half with experience .....Josh Reynolds and offer him a spot as a permanent 14.

    After that I will leave it to you guys and yes I would talk to Gutherson before approaching Ado Carr as a courtesy. It would be explained to ado carr that the team comes first if fullback needs to be changed.

    Finally Ado Carr would give us an energy and speed that we currently lack. Pay Big Overs if necessary, he wants to come back to Sydney and Wests are being talked about as a buyer.

    Finally throw in a package for the Morris Bros....offer them a post retirement deal ??? Those boys would be the first picked in our current backline with the exception of Guth!

    • Sounds ok poppa but remember BA won’t accept flanno as assistant we all know it 

      don’t mind Morris brothers idea 

      • And it’s labor pops 

        we are in Australia 

        • I think it was still Labour in 1972 Carlo. The Australian Labour party changed it's name to Labor as part of a worldwide branding exercise so it was Labor Party all over the world. In general spelling I think still labour in Australia but not for the political party?


          • I’m googling that !!! Pretty sure it was labor in 1973 I was born on day of dismissal 

            I know the regular spelling for labour lol


            • Yes but the key Carl's was that "its time" was the slogan for Labour (Whitlam) in the 72 election.

              You will also be pleased to know I voted for him! Lol....... also Hawke, Keating and finally Rudd.....never again I have sworn after Rudd..... mind you Turnbull didn't do much to endear me to the conservatives.

              I now just hate political correctness and watermelons  (green on the outside and red in the middle).....

              • Good work poppa 

                sorry rudd damaged you lol

                i actually love his current fb posts more than his tenure 

                he is so en pointe about the hypocrisy of scummo Voldemort and the dwarves 

                • I love Scomo .....he is my new hero! lol

                • Carlo I'm on KR facebook page too. He leads all current polies for dead. 

                  • Sure does 

                    do you follow Carrick Ryan too 

                    amazingly insightful commentary by non politician 

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