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    • Now if I said that comment I would be ridiculed for it! 

      • Yes. You would have been. But only you.

        • Be quiet Nick! Go back to bed it's past your bedtime


      • You haven't got the brains to make an intelligent comment Mongo. You do realise you're a brainless twit, everyone else does.

        • Well, at least I can make a truthful and intelligent comment even without what you infer. Wonka Wanka, whats your excuse? For being of limited intelligence and confused?

      • Hey Monts - if it makes you feel better I can claim you made the comment and bag you out.

        Image result for confused gif

        • No problem, Sir Col! I have no issues with you, as you have an official title in Sir Col but the others are but peasants.

    • That GaiGuy hardly saw the ball this series Doc.

      Says a lot about their game management.

  • Tedesco 3 Cook 2 Fergo and Murray 1

  • 3 Tedesco 

    2 Cook

    1 Fergo 

This reply was deleted.

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