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Ray Price Fundraiser


We are calling all our Parramatta Eels friends, fans and followers to show their support for Parramatta Eels Hall of Famer and 4-time Premiership winner Ray Price.

An online fundraising auction and donation platform has been set up to support our former Blue & Gold captain with all proceeds from the online fundraising auction to go towards our Eels legend.


There are a range of items available for auction including various signed framed jerseys, personally signed memorabilia, unique experiences, signed lithographs, artwork and much more!

To bid, visit the auction site here, bid on some of the fantastic sporting memorabilia and auction items available.

You can also donate with all proceeds going towards Ray Price.

This event is being managed by Pro Sports Memorabilia, Rotary Castle Hill and supported by the Parramatta Eels. 

Website is here



Just to help out a legend of the club.

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  •  While millions of other cancer sufferers go completely unnoticed.

    No disrespect to Pricey, but these sort of things tend to get up my nose when ordinary people are left to their own devices and popular people are publicly supported all the way.

    At least the club can be applauded for once, for pitching in.

    • This reply was deleted.
      • Maybe Super should take this blog down and put it up under one eyed eel.....it sounds petty but I dont want anything to do with Bam Bam.

        Your call Super....


        • Well done Rent boy 2


        • Maybe Poppa pulls his head in and realises Bang Bang is trying to support one of the greatest players this club has ever seen as he and his wife battle cancer. You have no right to have a go at a fellow member of the site who is simply bringing attention to a worthy cause.

          • And maybe Super, you get off your fat PC arse and have a look at most of the comments Ping Pong has been making.

            Rapetite 2.0

            Pom Pom puts up a copy and paste and here you are defending him as a shining light on 1EE, while the rest of the time he is constantly denigrating anyone over the age of 40 and now celebrating the fact they will "not be here much longer" due to age.


            Disclaimer to the real people here on 1EE. This in no way detracts from the issue facing Pricey and his wife, whom I fully support in their difficult times.

            • Rappetite* 😉😉

              • How's it going, mate...

                Love your work

                • Yeah not bad, keeping low on the one eyed site. It's good to sit back and read comments, especially when those comments include myself. 

                  How's thing going with you? 

                  • I didn't know I had a twin brother?

                    I try and do something nice for a legend of the club and scum on here have to make it about themselves. 

                    It's just sicking. 

                    I find it quite funny when they don't get there own way they have a cry....

                    • Nice

                      Where did you get that from?

This reply was deleted.

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