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Ray Price Fundraiser


We are calling all our Parramatta Eels friends, fans and followers to show their support for Parramatta Eels Hall of Famer and 4-time Premiership winner Ray Price.

An online fundraising auction and donation platform has been set up to support our former Blue & Gold captain with all proceeds from the online fundraising auction to go towards our Eels legend.


There are a range of items available for auction including various signed framed jerseys, personally signed memorabilia, unique experiences, signed lithographs, artwork and much more!

To bid, visit the auction site here, bid on some of the fantastic sporting memorabilia and auction items available.

You can also donate with all proceeds going towards Ray Price.

This event is being managed by Pro Sports Memorabilia, Rotary Castle Hill and supported by the Parramatta Eels. 

Website is here



Just to help out a legend of the club.

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                    • Don't involve me in your argument 

                    • Your taking the "orf seezun" far to seriously Bam Bam.

                      Refocus and ignore Col and me for a while and see if you are capable of adding some value.

                      PS Brett, Sir Col has had a tough run lately, he'll be alright.

                  • But that's the point of the Church, it's a safe place to get hurt. 

                    FFS Brett - no wonder you climb aboard that Green Eyed Golden Horse of yours so often if you actually believe that sort of crap.


                    Delusional does not even come close.

                    Define an Ex Christian please. Either you believe or don't believe, should someone choose not to participate in the rituals of the Church are they EX or simply choosing to avoid the BS of man? People who bleieve do not need man's approval of acceptance, or rejection.

                    Back sliders (as they are often referred to) are mostly people who see through the "unholy mess" of man manipulating others from the pulpit. They are condemnend by the "Real Christians" (Refer yourself to John 3:17 here) and in fact ostracised by the "loving" people of God. This contradiction seems to escape you.

                    You show yourself to be far more judgmental tham me, and believe me that is a very big achievement, you demonstrate the superiority of one who is "saved" treating those who do not follow your edicts with contempt.

                    Yes Brett, you are indeed a fine upstanding specimen of the Unholy mess of the modern day church.

                    Use and abuse, but you have the blessing of God and salvation of Jesus Christ to do so.

                    Matthew 7:15-20 is most applicable to you.


                    • Pain and hurt are inevitable in life, regardless of whether you're a believer or not.

                      Causing pain and hurt are also inevitable in life regardless of whether you're a believer or not.

                      The reason why the Church is a safe place to get hurt is because you're also in the place of healing. If you're 100% guaranteed to have a heart attack at some point in life, where would the best place to have it, at home alone or in a hospital, but even hospitals get it wrong from time to time.

                      And you're right, Christians can be some of the mist judgemental people in the world, I'm no different. We can also be the biggest hypocrites, come join us, plenty of room for all. The Bible is full of damaged people that God somehow used for greatness, Adam, Job, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Gideon, Samson, David, Solomon, Jehoshaphat, Elijah, Peter, Thomas, Paul etc. That is the essence of the Gospel, He sees past our flaws whereas Man can only see each other's flaws. The Church sadly is no different, but He chooses to use the Church anyway. 

                      As for ex Christian's, I'm referring to those who no longer actively pursue Him and His Church. You quoted John 3:17, I'm not condemning you, far from it. I'm sad for you that you've lost your passion for His Kingdom, there is nothing sadder then a Christian who has rejected His Word. 

                      As for Matthew 7, how do you know what fruit is in my life ? You know very little about me, only God knows my heart, and I'm comfortable with that.

                      And how have I judged you ?

                      1 Samuel 16:7

                    • Your reply would be funny if it was not so assumptive.

                      The fact that people do not attend church does not make them EX Christians or anything else sonny boy (note patronising tone)

                      Just because people do not behave in  the manner that you dictate does not make them anything less, it may in fact, indicate a stronger person who does not need patronising by the "blessed"

                      By your actions Brett - that says more about you than any pretty words you may choose to write.

                    • What have I assumed ?

                      Can you be a Christian and not attend a local church regularly ?

                      Sure, but why would you want to ? We're called to do life together. 

                      That being said, the definition of being a Christian is one who follows Christ. In Ephesians 5, Paul describes the relationship between Christ and the Church as the same as the relationship between husband & wife. 

                      So how can you truly love Christ, yet not his Church. I don't see how you can. 

                      I haven't dictated how anybody should behave, I might not like how they behave, but I haven't dictated how they should, even assuming I had the power to do so.

                      What actions are you referring to ?

    • Mmmmmmmm 1eyedeel A SUPPORTERS website. Sometimes i wonder when it appears we can eat our own. I thought we were Supporters not F$#& Deserters.

    • The club donates to RMHC every year and has been a partner of theirs for over a decade.

  • I hope all the true Parramatta supporters on this site can see that Sir Col and Poppa have exposed themselves as being not true Parramatta supporters by rubbishing this blog in support of a Parramatta legend. I know these two are low life's but now they have shown everyone what there true colours are.


    • "beening"???........ read my post again moron......Ray Price will receive my support.....but not through you! I come from Ermington, he comes from Dundas, I saw him playing with the "two blues" before you knew what side of your nappy to fill first!

      He is my favourite all time player outside of Ken Thornett

This reply was deleted.

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