first post - be gentle.

Watched Easts v Melbourne and was wondering about why storm players not part of the play the ball draging back easts player, that were part of the tackle, out of position and it's not being pull up. They walk off the mark repeatedly (easts also culprits) which puts the markers not squared -enter Grant/Hughes/Papps. they then begin to roll down the field. 6 again rule not used for slowing down the ruck, hand on ball when rising.

I know it's storm and the powers that be need permission from storm to use their backbone, so aside from that. What does the rules say?

SECTION 15 PLAYER’S MISCONDUCT (j) deliberately obstructs an opponent who is not in possession.

Is there a member who can clarify why this is allowed? should one start a petition for justification. oh and Kafusi is playing and typically playing dirty.

Now Canberra..

Papa runs better lines and better post contact than Matto did so not too concerned there. Lane needs to be drop kicked from the 17. Marata takes his spot. Does Rankin fit the bill as center - good reader of the game but can he defend there.  

probably my first and last post hence the multiple subjects.

J Papalii wins a tight one with a crash over try. the blokes a two legged buffalo

until Saturday. oh been an eel fan since 82'

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                • Back in the day, The Beatnix at Maroubra Seals, sing-a-long with the dodgy mates with our own lyrics;

                  I Want To Hold Your Flange

                  Leprosy, I'm not half the man I used to be...  etc


        • Sausage fingers and possibly the dram or two of port. 

  • That was a tough read, you must be pickled. 

  •  It was a good game to watch, as a Parra supporter. Both teams suffered injuries, Radley will be missing a couple of weeks. If Joey Manu is rated the best centre in the game, Leilua must be a close second. Walker needs to go back to reggies, against quality sides he goes MIA. All in all, it was good to see.

    • Any news about JWH ? He was more of a "Thanks for coming" last night. It's always nice to see storm get mongreled.

  • Welcome Pickle I'm Slugg I don't know anything about footy I don't read copy and paste or Trump blogs. I  make soup a lot and I'm very nice. 

    • Soup is the unsung hero in the culinary world. And Slugg your dry wit cannot be copied. Thanks for the welcome

  • Is that a blue cattle dog on your avatar? Good blog and welcome aboard the Love Boat.

    • Young Archibald is mostly blue, rescue from the central coast. Your two look lovely.  Nice dogs blues, not too friendly with people and good time keepers. Love boat? Where's the bar?

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