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NRL and Greenberg taking us for fools again.

So just reading on that Ricky Stuart is chasing Hingano now he's just been released from the warriors. Now weren't the Raiders one of the clubs mentioned, along with the Dogs who've signed 4 players since, as being well over the salary cap after budgeting for it to be over $10 million? And I remember Sticky jumping up and down and telling the NRL they should be allowed salary cap relief after Hodgson got hurt in the World Cup. Since then he's signed 2 hookers, Havali and Garvey, and is now chasing Hingano.

Dead set, if it wasn't so comical you'd cry. What especially gives me the sh*ts about this is I know for a fact Sticky offered a potential recruit hundreds of thousands in cash off the books to join them a few years ago. How many cases of cheating in plain sight are the NRL going to continue to allow???

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  • Greenburg doesn't want to know about it - he's got his head in the sand so he cant see or hear anything. Unless this cheating gets reported in the papers he won't need to do anything about it. Trouble is the Raiders probably don't sell that many papers so they know they are in the clear.

    • Arse, up his arse!
  • The cap went up an extra million dont forget at the time that was written the cap wasnt increasing.
    • Sorry, that's not right - the Dogs and Raiders were some of the few clubs that had budgeted for the cap to go to $10+ million, it only went up to $9.4 million. The Dogs released Graham, which wouldn't have got them under (at the time of the story they were talking of needing to get rid of 3 or 4 players) but have signed 4 or 5 players and the Raiders have released nobody and signed 2 and looking at another. The media report it, the NRL confirm it, yet nothing gets done when these clubs blatantly ignore it. It's a joke.

    • Yes, cap goes up and so does salary. See, some players have it in their contract their salary goes up a percentage of the increase.
    • All a joke, TPA, joke, the reason for the salary cap, joke, people running the NRL, joke... If it wasn't my love for this club, I would have left this sport a long time ago.
  • Take comfort in the fact Raiders will still suck this year 

    • Raiders dumped Baptiste who was on a motza for a bench player, Erin Clarke got homesick and did a runner after 2 months, Lachlan Croker to Manly and a bunch more.  They’ll be fine

  • Cheating is fine as long as their are no whistle blowers.  The NRL have no intention looking and don't want to know about it.

    We would still be cheating the cap to our hearts content if it wasn't for the fuckwit past board members dobbing that simpleton Sharp and his Cronies in.

    • ...along with drip feeding it all to the media

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