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What steps have been taken to improve our pack, none that I can see. Kane Evans and Tony Williams don’t think so, a quality no.nine? Is Tim Mannah our best front row option. King may get better Kaysa might not get injured. Teams that finished just below us have all strengthening we’ve done nothing. I’m normally optermistic but not about our chances this season.
Please tell me ive missed something.

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2019 will be our year. Hopefully Cameron Smith is gone and this independent commission run by money hungry wankers.
We definitely need to have 4 forwards on the bench who are going to run hard and try and bend the line
I'd start with Alvaro and Mannah

And have impact players in Vave, Matagi, Evans, Terepo, Edwards, Williams coming off the bench who create some size and strong running game

You've missed something!

As alexeel said we've kept the side that did so well last year and focused on improving them. It looks like we have changed how we train with a view to getting more speed and strength into our fitness regime by employing the most sought after head of fitness across numerous codes. This could be the BA decision of the decade. We will wait and see.

Of the current forwards, Vave appears to have already started to show a more muscular upper body and Peni Terepo will start the season off with his team mates rather than out for the first 7 rounds suspended followed by injury. That gives us more cattle to choose from even considering a few injuries.

Personally, I believe both Kane Evans and TRex are big bodies with aggression. It will be interesting to observe their progress. There are many who support this perspective Slugg. Not the least of which being BA himself.

For the reasons that you stated we did not get the best out of Vave and Terepo in 2017. Them being fit and ready for Rd 1 will be a big boost to the team and add resources along with Williams and Evans that we did not have last year. Also interested to see what Marata and Stone bring to the table


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