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Forward strength?

What steps have been taken to improve our pack, none that I can see. Kane Evans and Tony Williams don’t think so, a quality no.nine? Is Tim Mannah our best front row option. King may get better Kaysa might not get injured. Teams that finished just below us have all strengthening we’ve done nothing. I’m normally optermistic but not about our chances this season.
Please tell me ive missed something.

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  • I think youve missed that we finished top 4 with the squad we have now.. and we were missing our two strike players in the finals in french and gutho i think theres alot to be optomistic about... evans will be starting prop as last year this position we had to keep chopping and changing i think king will settle into the #9 im excited for this year
    • Very well said alexeel17. Very excited for this year, with the addition of Hayne, Gutho and French coming back, Moses a full preseason  it will be a big year.

    • I reckon Alvaro will be starting a few more games this year as well.
  • Wouldnt you rather stick to the same side and keep improving rather then spend million bucks on a player that completely flops on us eg foran, watmough, hopoate
  • I think you missed primary school going by your spelling... 

    • If your referring to me I rarely went to school I didn’t like school. 

  • I think King is a pretty good option at the moment Slugg. I think Kane Evans will add something to our pack and who knows with Tony Williams.

    We did well last year with the troops we have so what is there to change??

    • We did extremely well last year but that was last year. A lot of things went our way that may not this year. I hope I’m wrong but I’m rarely wrong. 

    • Spot on Outrunna. T Rex could turn out to be a great signing in my opinion.

  • Mannah is a good front rower. I like the additions of Evans and, if he gets fit, Williams. Also I think Hayne will be very good for us. Jennings and Hayne are potentially the best centre pairing in the comp. We will miss Semi but overall it’s a better team with some young players given invaluable experience and we finished top 4 last year.
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