No David ba is simply clueless

I can't understand how a lot of these tossers think bushy is doing a fabulous job ?? 7 years an 2 spoons 🥄!! Winning 13 games lol how many top teams did we beat , according to tosser king Bryseel or thickhead slugg or grandfather pops that's parras best season by far! How many times has bushy beaten storm or roosters what happened in last years final smashed by 40 plus yet a lot of these thickhead supporters think king bush is the right coach !! Yeh wait another 30 years 

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          • 7976221259?profile=RESIZE_930xNice kiddies Slugg, wouldn't dream of imposing

            But I'm taking their mum home for a bit

            • Bastard!!!

              • 7976308097?profile=RESIZE_930xI fought well but Failed

                Tried, and Died.

                Getting "Tusked" was not as sexyfuntime as I thought it would be. Imma gettin' off your grass and stickin' to chicken.

        • Randy it's about time you got your brain engaged and in sync with the mouth.

          Snake has been free to come back since you have seen pictures of his blog and posts on here. When you are banned they all dissappear.......when your back they reappear.

          Now Super explained all that so wasting your entreaties to have him released puts you in the the dumbfcuk wagon. 

          Now I don't think you are a dumbfcuk but it is very easy to end up in that wagon.

          • Fuck. I am aren't i.

            But..I thought i read that.....

            Yep I 'm in the dumbfuck wagon



      • I'm surprised Chiefy, we can all have good banter,  and we have had a lot of fun doing that with each other but that attack on Super is not justified. 

        Frankly I think he has every right to give you a week in the slammer for that.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Fuck're like...sooo tough

      I'm from Umina, my balls are on your chin, again, and, if you invite violence from random web denizens, my guess is you are shit at it. All hat. No Cattle. Milquetoast

      Butt i know right'll smash their backdoors in and punch 'em up that 'ole dirt road

      Big Eel is a Fucking Incel


      • careful randy Eugene is kind of a big deal

        • 7975986477?profile=RESIZE_710x

        • Eugene, you haven't acted quiet that badly this a mental issue you have.....BrissyEel is no bible basher, wouldn't matter if he was.....all you are showing is that you have no tolerance and most of the issues that Randy alludes to above.

          It also puts you in a minority of one who actualy supports BigEel..... how does that make you feel?

          PS Your three posts above this happened over about 7 minutes......that says to me your brain was not capable of keeping up with your keyboard..... stop and think and you might understand something about being rational.

This reply was deleted.

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