No David ba is simply clueless

I can't understand how a lot of these tossers think bushy is doing a fabulous job ?? 7 years an 2 spoons 🥄!! Winning 13 games lol how many top teams did we beat , according to tosser king Bryseel or thickhead slugg or grandfather pops that's parras best season by far! How many times has bushy beaten storm or roosters what happened in last years final smashed by 40 plus yet a lot of these thickhead supporters think king bush is the right coach !! Yeh wait another 30 years 

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  • Nice work, BE - some gold standard trolling there. Personal, disconnected from facts and abusive - it ticks all the boxes.

  • Ok mate, you've mentioned me, or at least your limited intelligence has somehow tried to spell my username, so here we go. As Brett has already pointed out its 1 spoon. We beat Melbourne a month or so ago. Straight up you've lost any small shred of credibility you think you have. Neither myself, Poppa or Slugg has ever said this is our best season ever, obviously the 4 premierships would be up there, but this year isn't over so the real supporters are still hoping we can get to the big dance and take it all out. I think Arthur has been fantastic in what he's done after inheriting a dud squad. His handling of the salary cap disaster was as good, if not better, than you could ever expect from any coach. He has endured a terrible season getting the spoon and was rightfully questioned, since then we came 5th and now 3rd. If that is not enough to satisfy the doubters after 2018, then I don't know what is. I have openly stated I do not know if he is the coach that can deliver our next premiership, but I am prepared to give him a decent shot at it after the last 2 years. Plenty wanted Siebold or Hasler, well after what I've seen this year I'll take BA every day of the week over them, he's done far better with arguably a weaker roster than both those blokes - certainly way less rep players. He's developed a heap of young talent that can form the basis of a top 4 squad for many years to come. We are in a great position and a few more key acquisitions should see us as title contenders for the foreseeable future.

    And now that you've had a go at me as the "tosser king", let me tell you that you are one of the greatest oxygen thieves I have ever had the pleasure of not meeting. You have continually demonstrated zero knowledge of the game of rugby league, in fact, you seem to have zero knowledge whatsoever. You either think you're a) funny, or b) a smart arse - truth is you're neither. You're a completely insignificant piece of shit and proof that your mother should have swallowed. You have no comprehension of actual facts, you spew crap that is baseless, factless, more often than not completely incorrect and proves your lack of any possible brainpower in trying to string a coherent sentence together. If the words I've used are too big for you, I understand, just as I understand that 99.99% of people do not want you on here going on with your shit - the other 0.01% is yourself. Troll away as you will but I've now finally and fully let you know what I think of you, I dead set wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. 

    • 1 apiece Brissy, can’t disagree with what you have written. I am down with some robust discussion and the occasaional ‘exchange of pleasantries’ however, no need for this level of gratuitous, personal abuse on others.  I am sure this poor bloke has some serious challenges in life. 

      • Im starting to worry about you two...

        • All good mate 👍

    • Hey Slugg, we are famous.....told you it would happen, but do you ever listen to me, No you silly old bastard go make friends with all the people you have upset!


  • Fcuk me dead, how long is this inbred POS allowed to continue its imbecilic drivel before the mods finally get rid of it completely so it can crawl back to its cesspool home.

  • Is it really the time to post a bog like this? We are in the finals, we finished third and have a massive challenge to beat the most (besides the Roosters) professional team for the last decade or more. If we go out of the semi’s in straight sets, then do your best and attack away. 

  • Super make me mod. I'll chop all there weak cunts and cop all the blame


    jump on any other supporter website, you'd never see this kind of softcock mentality when they have a top 3 team

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