No David ba is simply clueless

I can't understand how a lot of these tossers think bushy is doing a fabulous job ?? 7 years an 2 spoons 🥄!! Winning 13 games lol how many top teams did we beat , according to tosser king Bryseel or thickhead slugg or grandfather pops that's parras best season by far! How many times has bushy beaten storm or roosters what happened in last years final smashed by 40 plus yet a lot of these thickhead supporters think king bush is the right coach !! Yeh wait another 30 years 

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  • We beat Penrith and Melbourne and finished higher in the table than Roosters and Raiders. Not bad. 

    • It only matters when it counts and that's finals footy 

  • Not to many Sh!t coaches have coached their team to 3rd position after 20 Games straight, But I like your that you have HOPE BIG Eel

  • I thought calling out members in a blog was against the code of conduct. Super why haven't you shut this down and suspended this very poor contributor?

    • Mutt it's just hit me Super might be Big Eel in disguise. I'll just keep on ignoring him

    • Super is only concerned about this site's earning capacity whilst throwing all human decency out the window for yearsthis has been happening mutts.. That is why Super is just a peice if dog shitt. 

      • C'mon dude. Give Super encouragement to swing The Banhammer less.

        If we, the 1EE community, just pile onto these nasty piglets, (there is not really that many unsufferables) and keep piling onto 'em, it makes Supe's job easy. Ban the twat that NO-ONE can put up with.


        #FREESNAKE. Do it Super. He is part of this sites cleaning system when he's not being an asshole


        • Don't overestimate the earning capacity of this site. I for one salute Super for the lack of ad's i encounter on 1EE. If he was bean-counting as you say , the ad's for bathroom fittings, that follow me all of my days, thru all of the tubes, would be annoying the shit out of me here.

          But....they don't.

          BECAUSE...SUPER doth not sell our asses out.(that much)

          Even if you hate him Be nice about monetization


          And....FFS Super.....



          • No problems Phil

        • Randy, I Agee 100% but please don't bring my kids into this. 

This reply was deleted.

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