No David ba is simply clueless

I can't understand how a lot of these tossers think bushy is doing a fabulous job ?? 7 years an 2 spoons 🥄!! Winning 13 games lol how many top teams did we beat , according to tosser king Bryseel or thickhead slugg or grandfather pops that's parras best season by far! How many times has bushy beaten storm or roosters what happened in last years final smashed by 40 plus yet a lot of these thickhead supporters think king bush is the right coach !! Yeh wait another 30 years 

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  • Firstly, it's one wooden spoon, and this year we won 15 games, not 13. 

    Get your facts straight

    • Big Eel is not about the facts. He has a deep personal and psychological issue with BA.
      He could be BAs love child desperately seeking his attention.


      • Well he is a child.... we established child, I doubt if he knows the meaning of the word......which is a real shame, because we should have some empathy with people that are either physically or mentally incapable of being part of a simple group of supporters.

        Under the circumstances I am very comfortable with euthanasia and would be more than happy to administer the injection or hold the glass of poison.......I also happen to be a believer in reincarnation, as such I am very comfortable that Big Eel can come back as a Amoeba which would be one step in advance of his current status.

        I look forward to the moment! 

      • Lol, maybe he's BA's son Jack, "Please Dad can you take me somewhere else other than the coaches box !!!"

  • Thanks BE. Could I please have a side salad and hot potatoes with that? 

  • How many times have you placed a positive, uplifting and encouraging blog? Let me have a guess? zeroI dont understand how you can claim to follow/support the Parramatta Eels Rugby League team ( this includes every aspect) and yet continually criticise the players, coach etc... I understand that every supporter has their occassional complaints but to complain, whinge and criticise on a continual basis is an indication of a number of things:

    1) Your not really an Eels supporter/follower

    2) This is your manner/custom/persona in most areas of your life ( a continual complainer)

    3) There are issues in your life that craves for attention.

    My advice is:

    1) Change clubs if your not an Eels supporter 

    2) Change your attitude if your are an Eels supporter

    3) If your having some serious issues then get some serious professional help. There are plenty of organisations available. I hope this helps.

    • Well said Monto. 

    • Well said Monto. Berhaps BE should take some of that advice or forever be known as  the Big Squeal.

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  • Thats ok Big Eel, sometimes little boys dont understand things. When you grow up it will all become clear for you.

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