Moses.......has he earnt respect yet?

We all know that Moses has polarised many opinions on this site.

Some by seasons end still not convinced he is the real deal.

Nines football has to be put into perspective but what he did show  is that he has all the skills required to be a genuine marquee half back.

He also demonstrated that with good players around him he can be a match winner at any level.

If his forwards don't lay a platform he is vulnerable as any half in that situation. It was pointed out that he failed against the Storm, I didn't think he failed at all, he just didn't succeed.

On the subject of respect, its time we started giving Guth some as well.....too many people do not recognise what he brings to the team.

Finally on the value of Nines, we have had another favour delivered and that is Maiko Sivo has had some lessons from the Storm game turned into a stark reminder (In the nines)of the work he still requires in his development. ..............this preseason will be a huge impact on where he next goes as a footballer. He really needs to learn how to beat a player on the outside and that trying to run over them has its limitations.

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  • Yes, but I had respect for him when he signed with us. Last season tested it, but he has grown a heap as a player in all areas.

    He may get a shot at origin next year as Cleary won't and I hope he got in Fafita's ear about how great a club Parra is.

  • Mitch Moses has grown in confidence and his skills are really starting to shine through. I noticed his defence has also really increased and he's not apprehensive about tackling the far bigger players. He's a great reader of the game! I actually reads the game way before some of the other players around him. He will have a better year in 2020 and hope we sign some more forwards!

  • Ages ago.

  • He has earnt my respect, definitely, because he improved his whole game out of sight this year.

    I'm still not convinced he has the mental fortitude to be a great half though. He has always been brilliant when playing off the front foot - any Tigers fan will tell you that. I want to see him play with a clear mind against teams that really test us, where we play with less time and space, and he has to command the ball, stay calm, call the right play, put the right kick in etc...He went a long way to slowing he can this year, but I think that question mark still hovers over him.

    Difference is, now I have faith he can get there. This time last year, I wanted him gone. 

  • Good blog. I've always been a very biased Moses admirer -  hoping he'd realise his potential. Obviously, I'm a happy man. I feel he's evolved "between the ears" this year:

    1. He's always been a cocky "a sore loser", ultra competitive, almost arrogant, with undeniable passion and zeal - adding great energy and electricity to a team. All things I love. I love seeing him bang the field when he missed a tackle. Spit the dummy. But he's become more composed this year, more consistent. His body language has shown more leadership. He doesn't act like a spoilt kid as much. The gaps between his great, good and bad games, where he's MIA are fewer than ever. And rare atm.
    2. He's always had  "x-factor" & a dangerous running game with blistering acceleration (and will lose some eventually), but he has improved other parts of his game: especially the "game management" part and his kicking game has improved out of sight. It was a large reason he had the most top try assists. (even if they dried up a little). I feel he's also improved his passing game as well. He's not Cooper Cronk yet, but the improvement is really commendable.
    3. He appears to have "more time" making on-field decisions than he used to. Which in turn creates more space and opportunities for the team. Again, that's linked to him mastering his own head and working hard on his game. We're seeing less of those wild Russian roulette long cut-out passes to the winger hoping for a result. He's choosing his kicks and passes more selectively now.
    4. His front line defence has improved. He's built his body up a little bit more and though he'll always be a target because of his size, as are many halves, he's no longer the liability he once threatened to be. He used to make some outrageous misreads, from time to time, that were worrying. Not so much anymore. Tells me he's also mentally processing the game more.
    5. His support play off and off the ball work, as well as cover defence, has improved and is very under-rated. I watched a fair bit of Moses this year and really liked the way he'd bob up everywhere. He'd support the play or follow the ball like a terrier. Cooper Cronk or JT were guys who did that week in, week out. And Moses is doing that regularly now. I love that side of his play. I feel that's a subset of his great passion and competitiveness.

    All in all, he's improved his "attitude" and maturity.

    Possibly it's partly due to his age (25-30 is when the front cortex reason and planning start getting "activated"  and pathed to the rest of the brain).

    It  remains to be seen whether be continues on this trajectory, but he can and must push himself to go even  further. We need him to and I want to see him become a bonafide rep quality player. I hope he does. 

    • HOE this is good analysis. I would just like to add that previously MM, Teddy and Brooks were all living together in a Batchelor pad at Bamain 

      I have mentioned this before. Twelve months ago they all moved out. I don’t think that it is pure coincidence that MM and Tedesco have had their best seasons ever 

      • Thanks John Eel. That's interesting. I think you may have a point. Certainly, MM and Tedesco have had outstanding stellar seasons.

    • I don't disagree with much you have said HOE.... But I will talk about perceptions of arrogance and petulance.

      I can only assume you have dealt with elite sportsman/people and the word arrogance is a common trait and one that gets misunderstood by many observers, especially when you get into over analysis because you can fix a problem. I notice that Tad also loves such an analysis because it helps solve problems in a scientific or phycological way.  It gives an excuse and an understanding of failure........whereas in many cases it is not a failure only an over estimation of an expectation.

      I didn't know much about Moses before he came to Parra, I never looked at him objectively, only a young up and comer along with Brooks who to me was more naturally talented and Tedesco who I was very jealous of as I saw him has a pretender to JH's throne (which he now owns).

      I never saw to crtique Moses for any perceptions of arrogance or petulance......I honestly believe this image is made / created by people to bring/cut  down someone that they wanted to do well but could not come to terms with their expectations. So being human they will look at ways to bring him back.....Keet is only now saying he has matured, you make the point of reaching 25.....having 3 sons in their early 40's gives me a very good insight...combined with a lot of coaching in the field of cricket at elite levels........NEWS FLASH Some don't mature till they are 30 and NEWS FLASH again, some never do..... that's why they "geld" racehorses, to keep their minds on the job.

      We haven't got to that stage in Rugby League but I believe emasculation can still take place through all forms of the media and the most unqualified and dangerous is social media.

      When I saw Moses and objectively looked at him for the first time, I saw a young General and wrote a blog along those lines.

      Since then I have done nothing but praise and encourage him and defend him when he has been attacked by all the armchair critics.....People will make reference to his honesty meeting with BA, the blow ups with Norman and all the other negatives about his defence and attitude...... I have never see him not try and only in frustration have I seen him give up.

      Of course the latest attack is that he has never led us to victory over one of the "super" sides....which is just down now to Easts and Storm......he has led us to beat everyone else at some point. He's definately a loser! typical Parra, what do you expect? get rid of the tosser.....of course he ever deigned to leave us, he would become the greatest bastard of all time.

      Is he my favourite player, no probably not but I will always stick up and support the ones I think are getting a poor go.

      • Poppa, Sure, I'm not Joe Webhe nor a clinical psychologist "expert" to properly claim Moses is or was "cocky". 

        But, if we follow the logic of "expert-only" opinions, through to its final destination it's going to be very barren of opinions on here and end up a warped-PC utopian nightmare you don't seem especially fond of.

        Firstly, I love Moses' cockiness.

        It's necessary imo. I never meant it as a ad-hominem attack on Moses. In my personal experiences and in work or business, and roles in training, I have found tough-headed confidence mandatory. And like everyone on here we have stories to tell. Opinions to share. 

        Re his alleged over-confidence & cockiness: Moses admitted it.

        Also, plenty of more-qualified so called "experts" who do "work with elite sportspeople" such as Peter Sterling, Freddy, too amongst others have said similar things. Bear in mind, even people who work with elite sportspeople aren't clinical psychologists or doctors. So you could argue even they can't offer a qualified opinion on whether someone is cocky. Experts also have diverging opinions.

        The other thing is, critics of Moses, the team and BA also have a point. 

        We did not beat one top-side team away and we have at some stages of the year had really poor defence. So that suggests something. You don't need to be an expert to understand the logical consequences of that. Imo.

        Still work to be done imo.


        Sterlo's blunt conversation with $2.5m star
        'He had to pull his head in.'
        • This was my opening sentence HOE.....

          I don't disagree with much you have said HOE.... But I will talk about perceptions of arrogance and petulance.

          I then qualified why, if I wanted to agree with everything you said then I would not have qualified it.

          People like Freddy and Sterlo are not good as role models with regards to "cockiness" but of course like most humans who are paid to be critic's they will come up wuth words to justify their opinions. Judgement errors in both cases are legendary.....but hey they are the experts....I just provide my personal opinions, god knows how valuable they would be if I had achieved 1/100 of what those two have. My experience tells me to listen to what people say rather than who said what!....that all comes into the final judgement.

          Sorry HOE you agree with most everyone and then qualify why or why not or in turn you can qualify same.

          Your quote that Moses admitted it, means nothing, he has his advisors and they did their job well, great PR. My guess is Moses perceptions were he was not any of the things he was accused his mind. BUT it was bloody smart not to argue!!...... I would take the same tack if I wasn't talking on social media, where a difference of opinion is the reason it exists.

          "Still work to be done IMO"  is your quote and the article is "has Moses earnt respect yet" my judgement of your response is no! but that's only an opinion,

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