Moses.......has he earnt respect yet?

We all know that Moses has polarised many opinions on this site.

Some by seasons end still not convinced he is the real deal.

Nines football has to be put into perspective but what he did show  is that he has all the skills required to be a genuine marquee half back.

He also demonstrated that with good players around him he can be a match winner at any level.

If his forwards don't lay a platform he is vulnerable as any half in that situation. It was pointed out that he failed against the Storm, I didn't think he failed at all, he just didn't succeed.

On the subject of respect, its time we started giving Guth some as well.....too many people do not recognise what he brings to the team.

Finally on the value of Nines, we have had another favour delivered and that is Maiko Sivo has had some lessons from the Storm game turned into a stark reminder (In the nines)of the work he still requires in his development. ..............this preseason will be a huge impact on where he next goes as a footballer. He really needs to learn how to beat a player on the outside and that trying to run over them has its limitations.

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  • parra players where on fire in figi last week and this week at home bankwest.

     sevo was upset ,as he rarely saw the ball, and blake, seems to have a should problem..

    moses and gutho killed the last two weeks, and showed up hunt, dce ,and most.

    as i watched every game,it seems gutho and brown and moses got on well with big mal ,and all the team ..fafita  seemed to love moses and gutho, and brown was mals  asst coach or one of them, malss loves the guy it seems.. big result for parra, that format ,suits the nrl

    and todd saw first hand, we dont need the roosters and storm , it time, for no more strips, no more slow plays open the game up..huge this weekend for the nrl,, as rugby aus failed again with boring game plans and a a coach who need to be sacked...


    • I understand that Gutho, MM and Brown are close off the field . There clearly is a good relationship with these three 

  • Moses plays great on a fast track with room to move.

    He's got to learn to play to the conditions and how to manage the game. In my opinion he really started managing the game well when we were playing with the lead. Still needs to learn to manage it when we are behind. That about sums up where he's at. If he wants to learn those things and bring them to his game he can. If he's content with being a dry track bully then he's at about his peak. It's up to him.

    • Thats a pretty fair assesment on face value Girty....."flat track bully" is the expression you were looking for.

      I still get a certain reluctance in your " body (speech) language" and I would therefore ask you the following;

      In recent times we have had Thurston and Cronk as stand out halves, presently we have DCE as the incumbent.

      I admire DCE as he manages a game with passion and brains and is nearly a complete elite half, Moses played all over him in the nines, even as the playmaker.....his passing game and vision were "game breakers" and that's not going near his running game which is superior to any of those recent elite halves.....his kicking game lacks that preciseness but I doubt too many could drop kick conversions from the sideline.

      So if we are looking at him as a work in progress I agree with what you say, these areas .....lets say kicking precision and composure are what he can get better at........especially when it comes to delivering close games.

      I am not convinced that he is content with not having harnessed those things.....please note if he was playing with Storm or Roosters he would deliver such things. The reality is that playing for Parramatta rarely delivers a "FLAT TRACK".

      • This is a good assessment. Clearly MM has the natural talent and athleticism. A couple of times this year while under pressure I can recall him slipping into bad habits.

        There is no doubt that he is way ahead of where he was this time last year. Given his high level of skill I have no doubt that he will learn to adapt strategies for those times and not give in to score board pressure.

      • The Parramatta version of a flat track is Bankwest stadium when its not covered in a shit load of dew.

        The thing is, the elite halfbacks, are happy to wait till the 78th minute to beat you. They stay the course. There's no panic and they keep the team calm. That is what Moses needs to learn to do. I know it's not black and white and it's hard to stay calm when you're getting rolled in defence like we did at stages this year, but there were also numerous other games such as the NQ game in Townsville, Penrith and Bulldogs games at Bankwest where we flinched first. Moses is more inclined to try kick the door in then build pressure. Sometimes keeping the team on task and applying pressure is the way to win. Thats what he needs to go to the next level.

        Also if we're down 18-0 he needs to learn how to stay paient and not try and get 18 points back in 10 mins.

        He has a lot of things in his game he does well, and there aren't too many halfbacks playing as well as him at the moment. To get us to the next level he has to keep going up and not be content with where he is now. He's come along way in 12 months and everything is there for him to go up again. It's really up to him.

        • and our role is to support him Girty, not to pour a bucket of shit over him personally every time we get a hiccup.

          Last nights game we were behind on 3 seperate occasions, who was the game breaker? each time?

          WE were down 18 nil against Canberra....... just saying?

          I presume you were around in the Halycon 80's ......we weren't a perfect team then and we had 4/5 of the top 10 players in the world..... none of them went/were mistake free!

          • I agree with you ! He stayed in the game and got us over the line last night. Lets be real though, it was 9s and theres space all over the field. 

            If we as a team want to go to the next level, his game has to go to the next level. He has all the tools and has played over 100 games now. Nows the time to really go to the next level in his career. 

            Yes we came back from 18-0 down against Canberra but that was the rare exception. I think the humidity got the better of the Raiders.. inparticular Jack Wighton. Theres still too many games against good , set defences where our offence stalls. We scored 0 in Canberra and Melbourne. Those teams are very hard to score against and you need to earn enough chances through building pressure until you can get them.

            I hope he's locked in to improve again next season. Theres so much improvement he can aim for and it can help us become a top 4 side.

        • That's a fairly balanced assessment right there. You could make the case that would apply to the team as a whole.

  • I reckon we are a very good chance to snare Arrow or Frizzell, who both seemed very chummy with the Eels boys from what i can see.


    Fafita would be amazing but sadly no chance.

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