Moses.......has he earnt respect yet?

We all know that Moses has polarised many opinions on this site.

Some by seasons end still not convinced he is the real deal.

Nines football has to be put into perspective but what he did show  is that he has all the skills required to be a genuine marquee half back.

He also demonstrated that with good players around him he can be a match winner at any level.

If his forwards don't lay a platform he is vulnerable as any half in that situation. It was pointed out that he failed against the Storm, I didn't think he failed at all, he just didn't succeed.

On the subject of respect, its time we started giving Guth some as well.....too many people do not recognise what he brings to the team.

Finally on the value of Nines, we have had another favour delivered and that is Maiko Sivo has had some lessons from the Storm game turned into a stark reminder (In the nines)of the work he still requires in his development. ..............this preseason will be a huge impact on where he next goes as a footballer. He really needs to learn how to beat a player on the outside and that trying to run over them has its limitations.

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    • Yes Al, agreed ....I think I will take Frizzell as a realistic choice if it happens.  I actually thought he showed a lot more in that nines tournament than anything he showed for Saints...... Message was "let me out of here".

    • I don't know about a good chance but I'd definitely like to see one if not two of those you mentioned.

      • yes, I agree Heisen....I am sure they are giving it their best shot..... they have been pretty good at picking blokes up and maybe....just maybe, we are bit more attractive as a potential competetion winner.

        Even someone like Moses showing up like he has is an incentive over where we were in terms of attracting players who want to be in a winning side.....That should be a given for Matterson/ Arrow with regards them playing with say Titans..... Matterson talking to Souths is probably marginally against us for that reason. Frizzell/ Kikau works for us as well in that regard.

  • He has earned  my respect.  I watched the replay of the final and the first game against New Zealand  on YouTube and it's not just his attack that was awsome but his defence.  Both those 2 games anyone run at him or near him they wouldn't  get through.  That's  awsome  for a half especially  in this format where it's mostly about attack.  A stand out year for the eels.  If he keeps it up I would say Moses will be NSW halfback 

    • Yes his poor defence has been a myth after his first half dozen games  with us, where someone at Parra taught him to tackle. God knows why the whole team didn't learn at the same time......LOL

  • People familiar with US sports and in particular American Football, Moses would be considered a dual threat. That is not your traditional game manager but offers so much by way of a running game. 

    The next step for the Eels is, do we build around the players we have in the 1 6 7 9 and build a system to them or find players that fit the coaches system?

    At our best the team showed how flamboyance suits our attacking style with the current squad. Moses will never be a Cronk and he doesn't need to be. 

    If we stiffen our defense and become formidable in that sense we have the right balance in attack. 

    Agree with Sivo, he needs to be managed to a very specific set of criteria and he clearly wasn't for Fiji. BA seemed to have done a good job with the flying Fijian in setting his role sepciclfically for him in 2019.  Let's hope that is even better in 2020

    • That's great input Webby and applies a perspective /angle where we tend to look at Moses for his perceived weaknesses rather than his strengths. When you stop and think most of his critics on this site have been polarised by negativity.

      Like your response to Sivo as well and nobody should look at what I am saying as hugely critical, as much as the fact we like some off the commentators have been blinded to some of his shortcomings. I have a feeling since I first saw him that he wasn't as fast as some people think. Subsequently this has been explained by his calf injuries and a lack of a proper preseason last year. 

      I thought the near length of the field try he scored in the nines was about as quick as I have seen him run and probably 5 metres faster than earlier in the year..... if they can put another 5 metres on him, we are going to have one hell of a weapon.

      If some one develops a body swerve for him, it will make him a lot more dangerous......sorry to compare him to Semi but Semi could skirt around a player in a blink and then use his fend to make him nearly impossible to stop. In the interim the head also needs some work!


    • Gus made the point a number of times with the Islander boys, especially the Fijians that you just have to give them a couple of simple jobs, make your tackles and score tries, they'll pick up the finer details via osmosis as their career progresses. Don't try and coach them, just simplify the game for them and let them figure it out.

      BA seems to have a knack for that with both Semi & Sivo.

      • 3670993568?profile=RESIZE_710x

        • Actually your right Snakey in taking the piss out of the racial connotations of Brett's statement.(i.e nothing wrong with what you said Brett). I'm sure that's Snake's message as well.

          What he said is a cultural integration statement on the Polynesians understanding the game at different levels.

          The political correctness can weigh down our big companies, sporting clubs and associations, Governments and religion, but we are right on here to continue to the piss over stupid PC views.

          If someone on here want's to refer to me as an "old C" so be should have nothing to with race or religion, just be careful sometimes when you go after individuals that they are in the same "field" as you. I deserve what i get sticking my arrogant big headed views out there, but some probably don't. .........stress "some".

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