Moses.......has he earnt respect yet?

We all know that Moses has polarised many opinions on this site.

Some by seasons end still not convinced he is the real deal.

Nines football has to be put into perspective but what he did show  is that he has all the skills required to be a genuine marquee half back.

He also demonstrated that with good players around him he can be a match winner at any level.

If his forwards don't lay a platform he is vulnerable as any half in that situation. It was pointed out that he failed against the Storm, I didn't think he failed at all, he just didn't succeed.

On the subject of respect, its time we started giving Guth some as well.....too many people do not recognise what he brings to the team.

Finally on the value of Nines, we have had another favour delivered and that is Maiko Sivo has had some lessons from the Storm game turned into a stark reminder (In the nines)of the work he still requires in his development. ..............this preseason will be a huge impact on where he next goes as a footballer. He really needs to learn how to beat a player on the outside and that trying to run over them has its limitations.

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  • He has never played behind a genuinely dominant pack of forwards at either parra or tigers. If parra can get another top line forward or two that will help get the potential out of Moses. How good did he look with Fifita running outside him? Would be awesome to see him playing week in and out at bankwest - I'm sure he enjoyed yesterday ?

  • He's got class. No doubt about it. It would be great to see some of his Nines teammates in the blue and gold too. 

    • Yeh Mutts, noticed Fafita with his arm around Guth at the presentation, I hope Guth is prepared to "turn" for him......the sacrifices we ask our players for......will they never end?

      Mind you Fafita has got a lot of "hog" in him, but I could live with that for a while!

      No doubt all our players that have been involved in this exercise will benefit by rubbing the right shoulders, even Meninga who is a big dum bastard would now be looking at Moses with a new found respect.

      If you picked a NSW Origin side today there would be little doubt that Moses would be the half back and I think if the upcoming Test which presumably has DCE as half is injured before the game, he would find himself as the Test Half!.

      • Agreed Pops Moses has shown what he can do. Fafifta was huge and in a 9's format will often show up players and yes he'd great in blue and gold but  i doubt broncs would let him go.

         For me parr's just need a tough and consistent pack and Moses can dominate.

        as for Mal I can agree and think he has had some smart people around him....

        • Yes Mitchy, I agree it is only a fantasy that we would get Fafita.

          On a side note, did you note how popular the Parra players seemed with each other and their teammates.

          There maybe a subliminal entry there for many who may have notied how tight they were as a group and playing at Bank West (Cumberland Oval....for Col). Love that passion Col, if I ever think about our home ground the original cumberland with the splinters in your arse will be the one I remember.

          • It's not Cumberland for just Col, it is for many of us. How good were the splinters.

            • LOL my apologies Ken, you are exactly right!

              • Thanks Pops for the honorable mention.  PS, its FIFITA not FAFITA.

                I personally am happy to eat humble pie in regards to MM following my early doubts, hopefully he can continue his improvement at team level but also add to his kicking game as well. He's still young and can still learn which would make him very much a Marque player and value to go up, I would go as far as saying if he continues this way next year he should and likely will get an upgrade in his contract.

      • I got my hopes up when I noticed how well Guth and MM were getting on with Fifita. I have now come back to earth and realise it is just bonding in a winning squad 

  • My favorite Parra player. Full stop.

    It would be sweet to sign on either Fifita, Arrow, Frizzell or Matherson. They all have class. We can then say we are starting to turn the corner from premiership pretenders to contenders.

    I love it when Mitch starts to run at the defensive line with his ears pinned back. Fantastic lateral movement and probably is the fastest halfback in the world ATM.

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