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In recent years Beau Scott was a formidable opponent. I have no qualms about that. 

But i have ask when does it become apparent that the minutes you play(less then 16 a half last year)  vs the impact you and culture you bring wear thin?  

Iam of the opinion that he is taking up a spot in the 17 where we could have a player who will have greater effect or should i say more value then what we are getting from Beau. I know what some will say or but in defence we tighten up and his experience helps. Now that is true but for what a whole 30minutes a game? I see better value elsewhere. 

So tell me your thoughts on Beau and if his value in our 17 is worth it and why?

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Not sure of that comparison, Beau has played all levels and brings that experience, toughness and intimidation - beau does add value, I'd want him on the field especially in tough close games.

Nobody is bagging him, just people giving their thoughts regarding his age and capability now he’s getting on which is understandable.

And to show how tough our team has become with Scott look at the first semi against Melbourne. Bellamy shat himself all week before the game and during the game. Lucky for Bellamy the 100,000 he gave the ref before the game helped him relieved the pressure before he permantly stained the seat!

I think our toughness come more From Brown and Manu then Scott. In my humble opinion ofcourse.

Silly boys, with the exception of Nathan Brown, he is our most important weapon in the forward pack.

The real issue is he over the hill? We don't know.....the bicep injury last year was season ending....when he came back there was not enough residual fitness in the partial two games left. BA knew how important he was and I still think he would have pulled it off except for the error of having Kritchard on the bench and the bad luck of losing Alvaro after 5 minutes.

I agree with Brett Allen, he is very important and only BA and him know if he is still up to it.

The rest of us just need to sit back, and hope like shit he is ready again. Our defence is the key to this season and he is the key to it. 

Scott Selmes is right, he needs to be able to give us 20 to 25 minutes a half for it to all come together. 

We need to remember our pack is a grinding pack that needs to hold the opposition. I don't believe we had a forward last year who would have run more than 25 metres to score a try.......we match the forwards we win most games.

We do not have a forward who can break a game open!

I concur.

Scott went backwards last year pops going by his own standards, he was a shadow of the player the previous years, and hes not getting any younger.

I rate him very highly but have my doubts.

I think he'll start the year in the 17 but not sure if he will hold his spot all year, though i agree his defence and grit is important.

Yes, I think your saying what we are all thinking. Although last year is difficult to judge, I think he was just starting to come into his own (slow start if memory serves) and then he got the injury making last year a write off.

Apparently he is killing them at training, we know he is good enough but maybe you are guessing that BA's only weakness is his loyalty.....ie Mannah continuing to play last year.

The questions being asked of Scott really does sit much lower on my plate, than the questions Timmy has to answer this year.

We all pick Mannah because we know that BA is so loyal, in our hearts he would not make most of our run on sides.

I would not start with Scott notwithstanding what I have said, 20 minutes, first change when the grind starts and then 10 after half time, the most dangerous period for us and say the last 10 to 15 when his experience can help us get home.

Matagi on his day breaks forwards open......unfortunately these days were not regular enough.

I hope Scott comes back fresh, fit and ready to intimidate.

Tep fits that category as well.

Beau scott is a tough player who i once heard described as "he wants to hurt the opposition" - i think we need him for those impact minutes - no one else can do the job yet - mannah? Matagi? Morea? Maybe kane evans once he proves his worth and I wouldn't be rating drop ball kenny over scott just yet the although his game has become less error riddled and less brain snap penalties he still has a lot to improve

Beau Scott has a important part to play and will be in the 17 no doubt,  I  remember being at the game the verse South's at ANZ towards the end of the season - Beau came off the bench when the game was close, talk on the field was minimal and the team looked shaky, once Beau got on for short stint  they regained their composure and look more in control - Beau is the only leader in the squad - if Beau is not in the 17? who brings the intimidation and the leadership? 


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