Mick Ennis assistant coach and commentator

Someome explain how this works?? I don't understand how Ennis comments on the game can be taken seriously... Either you coach or commentate both don't work! This great game is falling apart real quick 

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  • I actually think the NRL should make a rule , if you are employed by a club or the NRL you can't commentate or be an analyse for the media.

    'these media types have too much influence on what happens and the narrative within the game and a few clubs are advantagesd

    • Great point KP, which commentator isn't aligned to a club in some way? Brandy, cronk roosters and the storm, Ennis assistant coach with raiders, the great Gus Gould the warriors  - Mal and the Titans.. Any coach with 5 straight defeats gets roasted but not Ricky! all we hear is endless praise for the roosters and raiders I'm beside myself 

    • The problem is that Rugby League is a fairly small world and everyone comes from somewhere. If you make a blanket ban on media involvement for everyone who has a club involvement, who'd ge left to provide commentary ?

      • That's true but someone needs to reign in the BS, the allegiances are coming through the commentary not the best look for the game and shows a lack of professionalism 

  • I believe that the commentators are told what to say. The script is written for them. Their voices go up an octave or two when Teddy, Roger, Tom Sivo and the like get the ball. 

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