Mick Ennis assistant coach and commentator

Someome explain how this works?? I don't understand how Ennis comments on the game can be taken seriously... Either you coach or commentate both don't work! This great game is falling apart real quick 

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  • I don't mind but then you have to take everything he says about Canberra and Ricky Stuart with a grain of salt. He's up in the box cheering and hollering. Same goes for Paul Kent. There's allegiances all through this game in the media. 

    • The lines are definitely blurred, the conflicts stick out like a sore thumb 

  • Like Joey assisting us and being a commentator 

    • How can you be impartial while commentating for the team your an assistant coach for? Great way for the audience to turn off

  • That will do me , papali hit worse than Marata , but they acting like it was minor and excusing him ... but everyone's wanted to lynch Marata 

    • Now we have an issue,  commentators last week saying penalties need to be served in real time, now does that mean Papali'i will get the same suspension as Marata? 

  • What about Brandy Alexander commentating and being involved with the Panthers? He's just going on about how Papali was a send off but keeps talking about contributing factors with the bloke hit ducking into it, where's he supposed to go, ball carrier contributed to the result - hang on Brandy, you bagged the shit out of Niukore and said nothing about Tedy falling, and he fell far more than the Dogs player!!! These commentators seem to love Ricky and the Raiders, it's ridiculous the double standards.

  • So many biases in commentary land.

    I must be out of touch, or maybe I am just getting old, but I can’t see how that Papali tackle was a send off. It wasn’t one of those coat hanger shoots, penalty yes ok, but straight off? 

    • I thought it was a very decent send off actually. He did knock the bloke out cold. It was pure shoulder to the head stuff, with force. It's precisely what the NRL are wanting to stamp out and I don't have a problem with those ones. We can't be knocking guys out with shots like that and saying it's ok anymore. The medical evidence is clear, these tackles cause long term harm. 
      Which is precisely why Kaufusi should have been sent off and face a long suspension for his hit on Matterson. I reckon Papa will get 3-4 weeks. 

      • As I said, maybe I am a dinosaur. 

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