Matterson meets with Eels over potential switch.

Disgruntled Wests Tigers star Ryan Matterson has met with Parramatta as he explores a possible homecoming to his junior club.

Matterson was given permission to negotiate with other clubs late last month and is expected to turn out in rival colours next year despite having two seasons to run on his current Tigers deal. understands that Matterson met with Eels officials on Tuesday and is also scheduled to fly to the Gold Coast and meet incoming Titans coach Justin Holbrook next week.Parramatta coach Brad Arthur is on holidays and was not present at Tuesday's meeting, but both parties remain open to pursuing a possible move for Matterson back into the Blue and Gold.

The Tigers though have stressed they won't release the rising back-rower unless they also benefit from the deal.

Whether that involves a player swap or financial compensation has been discussed at Concord, but the Tigers hard-line stance looms as a significant hurdle for clubs pursuing the 25-year-old

Both the Eels and Wests Tigers are yet to make an official announcement on the matter.

Retiring Wests Tigers icon Robbie Farah described Matterson's dispute with the club as "beyond the point of return" last week, with the Tigers keen to have Matterson's future sorted before the next rugby league financial year begins on November 1.

Matterson is slated to earn around $350,000 next year under his Tigers deal, but would be able to earn a bigger payday elsewhere given his rise to NSW Origin 18th man honours this year.

Parramatta have identified Matterson as a potential back-row target having already beefed up their forward pack by securing Reagan Campbell-Gillard from Penrith.

Matterson started out as an Eels junior and captained their under 20s team as a halfback, but fell out with Arthur over the coach's push for him to play in the forwards.

The pair have since resolved their differences, though it was Holbrook who proved instrumental in taking Matterson across town to the Roosters in 2016.

Holbrook guided St Helens to his first Super League title last weekend in his farewell to the English powerhouse, and is set to take charge at the Titans in the coming days

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  • Matterson 2019 stats (v Shaun Lane)

    - tackle efficiency 96% (93%)

    - 131m per game (110m)

    - 1.5 tackle breaks per game (1.6)

    - 0.6 offloads per game (0.9)

    - 0.6 errors per game (0.6)

    - 0.3 penalties conceded per game (0.4)


    sign him up 

    • The major difference Jimbo is that Lane is probably on half the coin that Matterson is chasing.

    • You don't make recruitment decisions based on raw stats, they are completely different types of players.

      • Brett, while I agree with you regarding raw stats, when they are taken over the full season they can be useful.

        When the singing and dancing started with Matto wanting out of the Tigers, which is likely not to happen according to some reports, the comparison that I looked at was age, physical attributes and size, also experience, that meant his team contributions.

        What I found and others may see it differently is that both of them have similar builds, although Lane being both taller and heavier but not by much, both have great defence and capable of playing big minutes, their ages are pretty much the same with Lane being a month younger, they also have similar experience in the aspects of being at several clubs, but Matto holds a slim lead in the aspect of him being a grand final player and winner in that game.

        Other aspects in his history is that as a jnr with the eels was a captain of teams that were winners, likewise his rep time as a junior against Qld and for the Junior Kangaroos against NZ.  While some years back now they are pretty compelling details as to his quality as a player.  All that is really left for him to get in order is attitude, and we are not in the position to judge him on that at this point of time.  Reading some of the attacks on him from other players is unfair as we and likely they do not know the full story of what has gone on.

        Lastly he is not the only player that has sought similar upgrades as he has done, and initially through his manager also the want out and coaching drama's are in house as they should be, and he is not the first player, nor will he be the last one to have similar issues into the future.

        • I couldn't care less that he was a Eels junior, competely irrelevent.

          • As per usual Brett you place a negative over one of your pet hates as far as the club is concerned, for as long as I can remember since being on this group, you have never had anything positive to say in regard to eels juniors, whether they have been great or not, just push the facts of that into the backgroung of your room of despair.

            The simplicity of my reply which was in support of what you said but seems because I did not accept or agree with the last dot which in you mind finished your case for it to be abject in right call and no corro entered into. The aspect of other areas of stats needing to be included seems to not sit well with you and then I commit the ultimate sin in your mind by mentioning in Matto's playing history the fact he captained an eels junior team, and that to you is an abomination and ignore, throw on the floor and stamp all over ever other aspect as to his abilities and playing history.

            A reall eels supporter!?

            • I have nothing against Eels juniors Colin, I just don't care that they are Eels juniors. That should not even be in the discussion as to whether we recruit or retain them. All I care about is that we have the best 30 man roster possible under tha salary cap, I don't care if they're all little green men from another planet, as long as they give 100% whilst they wear the B&G.

              This addiction to local juniors is just holding the club back, and Rugby League in general.

              • Interesting philosophical views between Colin and Brett.

                I think Brett has a much more professional connoatation of his views as a Parra supporter, and sees it like NFL and premier League and Basketball etc.

                I understand that you probably are right in the long run as older supporters like Colin, myself and numerous other oldies grew up watching 3 grades of football and the nurturing of our (parra's) juniors.

                That's part of our DNA Brett in being a Parra supporter, our love of our team stems from our children, our juniors are that "children" substitute.

                I know and understand your views but you need to understand we are proud of our juniors and believe if all things are equal than our juniors should get the nod.....not at the expenses of recruiting externally which is always going to be required for all the reasons that are obvious.

                If we cannot take pleasure in seeing this nurturing come to fruition you need to ask what is so important about a single squad of 30 players coming from everywhere to make up the team you support..... as you say they could come from Mars and you wouldn't care....  I care and maybe that right to care was bred into me. 40 years after leaving Sydney, I am still a Parra supporter, why is that?.... it has not always been a pleasant journey, let me tell you that.

                I have lost interest in Rugby Union, have never been a soccer or Aussie Rules fan, having played both. My personal love and elite coaching level has always been cricket but my tribal love has always been Parra.

                If the Wanderer's were called Parramatta, I would be a Warriors supporter, the fact that they are not makes them meaningless to me.

                • Pops agree, except the aspect you mention about professional views of the NFL, NRL and other sports.

                  When I look at the other codes and other sports, much of it in this country and for me its great to see ex RL players try out for other codes such as NFL as we have witnessed, how many RL players have turned their heads to RU, not many I would think to soccer or AFL, which both of those have grown out of parental fear of having jnr hurt in the ruff game of RL, in the primary States, also as I mentioned at other times as bush RL has gone down and the other codes lifted in their place.

                  RL as such has only been a professional sport since players sign a contract and it becomes their job, their solitary income source and family support element, a reason why we see players head to SL and to France to secure their families financial future, which often does not really provide for them beyond a certain point and they have to look for a job or skills in another area.

                  Although we also do see the professionalism in RL in that the clubs have their players training for post RL careers which is often raised on this site, and others, especially the eels web site where there is articles highlighting those areas.

                  Why wouldn't RL players try to get into the NFL and Basketball, owing to the coin those players are on, but seriously how many years has mens basketball been a popular sport in this country, as against an imported one with whats the size of a filled stadium? tall and athletic, yep, but how long and many games of it can one watch, at least it helps with insomnia relief, on a scale of watching one particular pom cricketer who could bat for hours and score 10 runs,. his name escapes me now.

                  The one thing that when talking of proffesionalism in any sports and to many aspects businesses is that how many who strive to attain that high goal of being deemed professional ends up being killed off by their own unprofessional decisions.  The turkey syndrome and future comes clear, and lets remember come thanksgiving in the land of the brave only one turkey gets a pardon each year, but how long does it survive for?

              • Imo, junior development is critical, but if juniors are costing the Eels say 40K/per head but end up playing first grade for another club, what's that? 

                I wouldn't want to run a business like that. Roosters & Storm are playing it smarter. 

This reply was deleted.

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