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Rumours are getting stronger, word has it he has fallen out with Trobojovic brothers.

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Time for another team list 2019 blog #117.
it's no rumour OE, Crighton is a Rooster. Deal is done & dusted !!!
Cronulla are the new rorters. They seem to be buying the whole bloody NRL or whoever is off contract, Sharks are circling him (pun intended)
Sure sure

But but but...he’s an islander! 

Get ur racism right
Has played for Samoa and has samoan heritage
Kiwi born, played for em first but yeah Samoa as well
He won't go to the Sharks, as that would be 4 representative props for 2 starting spots it does not fit and that's not including Gallen, they will then have to offload players if they are at all interested .

If he does leave manly we are good chance of getting him because him n lane are good mates 

Not sure if he still does but he was living at Greystanes, if that is still the case why would you want to travel to the shire every day.. hope he comes to Parra another player we desperately need

Hell yes


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