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The Lebanon Rugby League Federation (LRLF) has sensationally charged 17 of its national representatives with misconduct amid an ugly ongoing feud between players and hierarchy.

NRL stars Robbie Farah, Tim Mannah, Josh Mansour, Mitchell Moses, Abbas Miksi, Michael Lichaa, and Adam Douehi are on the long list of players ordered to appear before a “misconduct panel”.

That’s despite the fact Mansour, Douehi and Moses didn’t even play the Test against Fiji on June 22.

A statement from the LRLF on Monday said; “The LRLF has charged 17 persons with misconduct for breaches of its operational rules in relation to events surrounding the 22 June match versus Fiji”.

“Those charged will be asked to appear before a misconduct panel and have been suspended with immediate effect from all Lebanese rugby league activity pending the outcome of misconduct proceedings.”

Farah announced his representative retirement following the Test and so won’t represent Lebanon again either way, while Mannah is in a similar boat.

But Farah was one of the leading voices ahead of the Test in a bitter feud that erupted between the playing group and the LRLF.

Players chose to tape over the Cedars logo on their team shirts in the week leading up to the game.

“We are taking this action because we don’t support the current board and the way it was elected,” Farah said at the time.


“We want what’s best for the long-term future of the game in Lebanon.”

The LRLF then sensationally threatened players with jail time in a statement released the following day.

“The LRLF understands from its coaching staff that the playing squad selected for the match against Fiji intends covering up the Cedars emblem,” a statement read.

“The LRLF will not tolerate any insult to the iconic, national symbol of the Republic of Lebanon and its people.”

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      • They face a tough penalty if found guilty, two weeks in Tel Aviv

      • The board felt they were being under-MINED.

  • The hearing is to be held in Campsie. When Mannah was interviewed about this he said "fully sick"

  • 3175430144?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • The players complaints about the federation are substantiated.

    Taping over your countries crest is abhorable. Low act which degrades whatever argument you have.

    There are better ways to demonstrate that disrespecting your country's badge.

    • '' Taping over your countries crest is abhor able''. Are you actually been serious? No killing someone is abhor able, not covering up a crest. Why a people so patriotic? 

  • I care about this as much as what is playing tonight on the Food Network.

    • Love Lebanese  , I use a few of them as debt collectors and to evict deadbeat Tenants,  having Mahmoud go around telling a dope he has 48hrs to pay his rent debt and to vacate the property always works 1000% better than the usual multiple eviction notices and appearance at the tenants tribunal.   Yalla .

  • Typical Lebanese Bullshite!!!

  • I don’t know and don’t care if there greviance are warranted but for me, you could argue this is more disrespectful then not singing the National Anthem.

    Surely they could have come up with other ways to get there point across.

This reply was deleted.

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