Manly...what a bunch of wankers!!!!

G'day to all of the Blue&Gold


I'm currently watching Manly-Penrith(two teams I loathe!) in the hope that Manly do us a favour for once and beat Penrith.

I can't believe what I'm watching. Only two weeks ago Manly came out as if all of their players had termites in their pants and couldn't stop attacking (I know G.Jennings gifted them a 6 pt lead barely two mins in), but today they're playing like a bunch of zombies!!! Wankers!!! 
At a time when they need to win to keep pressure on for the top 8.... Wankers!!!

To make matters worse for wear, they'll cost me a treble bet I had (found Souths to win by 1-12, and Raiders to win by the same. At $23, and a $5 stake...).  

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    • Ivan Cleary  doesn't have stars or show ponies in his side  the team is the star. I don't talk Panthers here  but I was so impressed with Yeo and Fish the last few years and they are still not that old. They never get accolades like so many pretenders. I didn't like the 4 repeat sets but the refs must be making up for lack of them.  DCE played his heart out and you have to respect that it was not for want of him trying they lost. I thought Panthers would be missing their injured fullback Dylan Edwards but Aitkens has filled in nicely.  Api the happy hooker is the best in comp  and is relishing his time back at Panthers. Lots of improvement in them yet as most so so  young. 

      • Aekins is better than Edwards IMO.

        • Not a bad second choice I know. Same as Burton the fans are screaming for him. Atkinson was awesome last night but who wasn't. 

      • Nathan Cleary is not a star or a show pony?

  • Just been on the silver tails forum. 
    Is there anything better than reading that sites posts when Manly are getting pumped? Fuck I love it.

    It's great even though we wanted the pennies to lose so we could recapture #1. Suck a dick Manly.

    • You sound like fun Frank, we should hang out some time.

  • There is always a surprise team every now and then that wins it. A team no one suspected. Sometimes that team doesn't end up winning it, e.g Canberra last year and us in 2009. I had a random prediction earlier in the year that that team would be the bulldogs, there was no reason for that prediction other than the randomness of the nrl and my point above. I didn't want the random team to be bulldogs, no, of course I wanted that team to be us. Now I suspect, unfortunately that random team is going to be Penrith. Lock it in. And no it isn't based solely on their performance tonight.


    Penrith Panthers (Australian Rugby League team) dressing rooms. Check out the poster on the wall.

  • Remember gus congratulating Michael McGuire and Dessie Hasler for getting their boys up for a big game and causing an upset????

    oh yeah, just before he ripped into us for not being a chance to win the premiership?????

    hows it looking now gus????? Madge and Des still super coach's????

  • I watched the Penny's game, they were red hot and showed when on song they are hard to beat. But i also watched the Penny's  v Cowboys game, Not so hot. The Cowboys were a real chance, had 2 bad calls against them, and lost in the last 10 minutes.


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