Manly...what a bunch of wankers!!!!

G'day to all of the Blue&Gold


I'm currently watching Manly-Penrith(two teams I loathe!) in the hope that Manly do us a favour for once and beat Penrith.

I can't believe what I'm watching. Only two weeks ago Manly came out as if all of their players had termites in their pants and couldn't stop attacking (I know G.Jennings gifted them a 6 pt lead barely two mins in), but today they're playing like a bunch of zombies!!! Wankers!!! 
At a time when they need to win to keep pressure on for the top 8.... Wankers!!!

To make matters worse for wear, they'll cost me a treble bet I had (found Souths to win by 1-12, and Raiders to win by the same. At $23, and a $5 stake...).  

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    • Hahaha never gets old.

  • Likewise I can't stand either team probably Panthers more. Can't stand Cleary. I too was hoping for a Manly win but they're woeful..They make the Panthers look better than they are.

    • 100%

       And what is it with all at FoxSports exaggerating anything and everything they do?! Next they'll be congratulating them for taking the field in a game.

      If things go to plan, we'll beat the bastards at their place and leap frog them, if we haven't already by then.


      Why BA is resting Matterson tomorrow when he has been cleared by the medical staff could bite us in the bum as the idiot did two weeks ago when we faced crappy Manly! As horrible as Canterbury are, as many points as they concede, as few as they score, their game never suits us and we always struggle. BA never caters for it and we always seem to be in an 80 minute arm wrestle with them. Desperately hoping tomorrow isn't a repeat. 

      • Fox commentators are blowing their loads all over the studio tonight regarding the Panthers 

        Have these commentators forgotten the only side to defeat them this year - THE EELS?

        Mate I'm so looking forward to round 2 vs the pennies and I'm certain it will end with the same result - Parra + 2 premiership points.

      • I think it will be a grind against the dogs tomorrow too - let's see if BA has the game plan to nullify the dogs tactics, which will be to play it up the guts and slow us down. 

      • Mybe ba knows more than we know mybe the rest is warranted ,for whatever reasons we of the fans will never know

        • Just speaking from experience of games we've played against Canterbury mate and the repeated shortcomings that BA has shown when we play them.


          • Mate we've beaten them 7 of the last 9 games we've played them. BA must have done something right.

            I'm never in favour of resting players, but this season is different, no byes, nor Origin rounds, even the Roosters are finding it tough to stay up week in week out. Matto has been good for us, but he copped a bad head knock and the club's medical staff have obviously advised BA that he needs another week.

            • Lol exposing Grubbee intimate knowledge as well as Monts....I wonder if there is a relationship there Brett.

              Is funny how us fans sit back and criticise BA's tactics....whatever they may be. 

              I suggest he has some knowledge that qualifies him to be a First Grade Coach and hold a job in such position for the last 7/ 8 years or so.

              Disagree with him/them by all means but to question his integrity as a coach is currently very wrong.

      • So Monts a man of your background and intimate knowledge of the game and all its conspiracies has officially named BA an idiot.....did I hear that correctly or was it a context error on your part?

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