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I was at the game tonight and will be asking the club to cover all expenses, including court fees and a new garage door. Such a pathetic team and coaching effort. 4 tries to 2 in the first half, 7 tries to 0 in the 2nd. Bellow is my drunken post game assessment of the team and the future. 

Coaching: At the end of last year, I didn’t know if the anomaly was 2017 or 2018. I was waiting till round 12 this year before I made a call but I think I’ve seen enough now. BA is a good bloke but he is an average NRL coach. He was out-coached tonight on many levels. He struggles with game plans. His defensive coach has failed as well. I think that the good quality defensive and attacking coaches/assistants don’t want to work with BA, or the $ offerted is poor. He needs to be replaced because he isn’t NRL standard. 

Now to the effort by the players tonight.

  1. Gutho. Crap. Showed he lacks class and skill to be a top ranking FB and captain. Keep on basic wage. 
  2. Sivo. Didn’t get enough ball. Needs to work on defensive technique before he kills someone. Keep. 
  3. Jennings. Only saw him when he fell off tackles. His poor tackling lead to their 4th try because he couldn’t contain the ball runner and was too slow at marker. His runs are always weak. Easy to tackle. Looks uninterested. Let him go now. 
  4. Taka. Rubbish in attack and defence. Slow. Makes poor decisions. Let him go now. 
  5. Forgo. Always been a “rocks and diamonds” player but today he was unlucky - tough bounce and dodgy ref call. Have to keep anyway.
  6. Salmon. Young and still learning. Unfortunately Brown being injured has meant he has been thrown in earlier than planned. Work in progress.
  7. Moses. They ran lines at him all night and we didn’t have enough ball for him to be effective. Some kick options were poor but pass to Lane for the try was good. I’d persist with him especially if we get a dominant pack. Keep. 
  8. Alvaro. Slow, soft and weak. TV makes him look better than he is. Can’t win a ruck in attack or in defence. Let him go now. 
  9. (14) Terepo. Rubbish in defense and no punch in attach. Strange decision to have him start at hooker. If they thought Mahoney wasn’t up to it, why not try Stone? Let him go. 
  10. Paulo. He needs to run like Terepo. He’s obviously under instruction to be a ball player and it ain’t working. If they want him to be a ball player, then play him wider. Keep. 
  11. Lane. Ok effort I thought. Ran good lines when he had the opportunity. Still getting used to being an 80 minute player. Keep
  12. Niukore. Below average tonight. Very soft and clumsy in defence tonight. He and Taka were poor on that edge. Young, so persist off the bench. 
  13. Moeroa. Not sure about tonight. Something about him I like but I don’t think the modern game suits him. Tries hard but is too slow. Maybe he isn’t being utilised properly. And no punch. Undecided. 

14. (9) Mahoney. Ok night but was introduced too late. Will get better with a better defensive coach and structure. Needs to learn to read opposition lines better but he is a work in progress. Keep. 

15. Mannah. Didn’t get much of a go and they did their homework on Timmy. He wasn’t able to drive after contact. 1 more year for leadership purposes but most likely in reserves.

16. Kaufusi. Would have liked to see him earlier. No impact off the bench and defensive technique needs work. Undecided. 

17. Ma’u. Is he coming off the bench for health reasons? I would start him before Niukore and use him as an enforcer/intimidator/niggler. 

In summary: tell BA, Kidwell, Jennings, Taka, Alvaro and Terepo to look elsewhere. Tell, Gutho he isn’t as good as he thinks he is, replace D Brown if he can’t return. Get Ma’u in the starting squad to upset opponents. Tell Junior to run hard. 

Anyway, sad night for me but I had to post some thoughts to try to get over it. 

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  • AGREE, Eels  mangement need to start the process of finding a new coach NOW.

    Taka, Jennings, Alvaro need to be dropped now and replaced with young blood, see how they go and then go to the player market and buy who we can.and need 

    Agree Gutho is worth about 550k, and Moses the same.



    • Thanks for your reply. Wow! I was expecting a savage critique from you based on other things I’ve read. 

  • Mate excellent summary . 

    This is a dark day . You can’t sugar coat it any other way .  The players have demonstrated through out BA reign that they can’t get up for the big moments . They are mentally weak . 

    I would be sounding out Toovey . Great player , tough as nails and passionate .  They need to strip back the culture and I think he could re engineer a new culture for this club 

    • Ahh Paul he said nothing about replacing BA.

      • He did Nick. You were just too keen to make your point mate. Reread the post before the numbered paragraphs. 

    • Des Hasler was the one we should have got.  Defence  is the number one attribute that every successful team needs and our defence is poor - has been for years. It’s an attitude thing, games are won through defence. I believe we had the most missed tackles in the NRL BEFORE this massacre- it would be off the charts now. This is where we are being killed! 

      Personally we need to go and find the best defensive coach we can find out there to harden the club up. 

      • Usually the big Pacific Island players are athletic, happy smiling nice religeous players, but lack mongrel. They are better mentally suited to the backline rather than the forwards, as they are not a ruthless people . There are exceptions of course, but I am talking about the majority.

  • Good blog. Well set out. 

  • Great read trouser and well written. I was there last night as well and it was disgraceful.

    That said I took 2 positives out of that game:

    a) The decision to hold off on Arthur, Gutherson and co was the right one. O’Neill and Gurr could easily have buckled to pressure on this one but they held firm. Credit to them. Having 60 put on you reignites all the demons from last year.

    b)  There was a shitload of parra fans there last night-more than any other club. We have a very strong supporter base that will come out if we start building a team that plays with pride and plays for 80

    • We have always had a great supporter base in Brisbane. 

      I actually saw grown men crying last night- I kid you not. There were some really upset supporters. 

This reply was deleted.

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