Lavish treatment afforded to SBW

I know this is going to sound trivial but it really doesn't sit well with me this excessive treatment of SBW over and above what other clubs are allowed. Firstly, when we tried to sign God Botherer Folau a few years ago, and had a deal in place to which he agreed, the NRL came in over the top and insisted that the offer was "below market value" and so he went off and signed with Rugby Union. 

Meanwhile, SBW signs on for $200k (albeit in a reduced season) and nothing is said about market value at all.

Then, we fly Fui Fui's son over from Tonga to watch his dad play a footy game - presumably for Fui's mental welfare - and the NRL insist that the expense of the trip in its entireity be included in that year's salary cap, but millionaire Money Bill gets a home gym and a truck load of toys for his kids to play with while he's in isolation! And who knew that 'brown paper bags' have graduated to 'stuffed childrens' toys' these days!!

Don't get me started on the NRL buying Cam Smith's wife a $15,000 diamond ring!

Folks say the Roosters are successful because they look after their people well! Well, it's fine to look after your people well when you can spend money on them without salary cap retailation like every other club experiences!

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            • Exactly right. The issue is not necessarily the 'value' placed on SBW or whether or not he'll be a contributor to the NRL on field and off field. It is the NRL's routine eagerness to change its rules to accomodate the Roosters.

              We have seen that the NRL is nowhere near as eager to be so accomodating with other clubs - as we saw as they dragged their feet approving Ricky Leutele's deal with the Storm. The rationale of signing SBW was as an injury replacement for Radley and Ferrals and the NRL practically bent in half to get it done - and in the most lavish way possible whereas Leutele was an injury replacement for Paul Momorovski and they kicked stones for a week before getting it done!

            • I’m sure it’s just about money for SBW, I don’t care about that.

              As for Semi, for the chance for the Eels to have Semi on one wing & Sivo on the other ? PVL would’ve swum to France to make that happen. It’s an NRL marketing dream. 

  • What stops any team from doing a deal with the worlds best rugby players a Semi Radradra etc whose season finishes in july and sign them for the last 10 weeks every year for 150k? 

    • If the Eels did it, they would place his value at a $1million.

      • They’ve placed SBW’s value at 900k, so a $1m for Semi would be a steal.

        You wouldn’t sign Semi for 200k for the last 4 games of the season & finals ?

    • Nothing and that's where this new loophole should be tested - BA are you watching?

      • Yep I agree. The NRL have set the standard now, let's see how it goes when other clubs want to test it out.

      • No loophole, the NRL doesn’t let players play for other codes or leagues whilst under contract with an NRL club.

        SBW’s contract with Toronto has been terminated.

    • Semi wouldn't agree to anything less than top dollar. Money matters to our Semi. 


      If parra signed Semi Radradra to a contract that started on June 25th 2020 and ended at the end of 2023 and his deal was for 750k a year parra which is $32,250  a game over 24 rounds, parra only has to pay him for the amount of premiership rounds he will be available for so if from the time he signs his contract he is only available for 12 premiership rounds them parra only has to pay him $387k and only $387k goes on the eels cap.

       Which is exactly what happened with Waqa Blake last year, parra did not have his full $500k added to their cap because he was not paid 500k 

      Finals games cant be added.


      The chooks are just lucky that the NRL extended  the June 30 deadline or this would not be happening. 

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