King 👑

Hands up who is guilty ?


Go back to Clints first season when a lot of parra fans wrote the kid off and said he was a bad signing and would never make it as a first grader.

I remember his first game in a trial v Penrith when he slotted in at 5/8 for the second half of the game and he was forward to last night and he was brilliant as a leader, a playmaker and a fullback.

Hats off to the king.

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  • Best ball playing fullback in game, and bees dick behind Tedesco for the best player in the comp IMHO biased opinion.

    • If he was a QLDer and played for the storm the media would be creaming themselves over his efforts from his last two weeks performance.

  • I was only discussing last night how he may even earn himself an Origin spot on the bench. He just has that infectious attitude that is contagious among teammates. The bloke is a deadset winner!

  • The Spaniel was on fire last night! A total competitor, he never quits and never gives less than his all. Add to that the talent and footy smarts he's got, and he would do a Blues jersey proud. 

  • I'm guilty mate - but, as you know, I'm guilty of many, many unspeakable things.

    Back then I thought he was uncoordinated, looked awkward and nervous and was prone to mistakes. If Teddy or Turbo did the things Gush did last night the media would be in a meltdown this morning over their greatness. His vision is unbelievable and he plays eyes up footy as well as anyone in the comp. He's got a tonne of football smarts and constantly finds the gap in the line.

    The only thing he lacks is about 2 metres of pace but he more than makes up for it with speed of brain. At the moment I'd rate him number 2 custodian in the comp (Turbo's too injury prone).

    Great leader too. Pretty obvious last night his team mates were hell bent on getting the win in his 100th.

    • I'm not guilty, found him (well supported them) and Moses, Sivo, DBrown,NBrown.......also found Sandow and French....well at least it proves "All Lives Matter!" lol

      PS I also wanted the Morris Bros when they were leaving Canterbury..... I was called an old fool! wife says I still am!

    • Speaking of many unspeakable things, have you finally buried Al Hunt so deep no one will ever find him ?

      • No one goes deeper than Kram Brett, nobody.

        • Hahaha

          • How good is it living in Brisbane atm Brettles???? Eels are flying while the Donkey's are dying.  My sookjy mates didn't even want to watch the game last night.  They blame all  their woes on the new Rules lol.

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