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Just finished watching Roosters and Dragons....noticed against that the rub of the green went Roosters way, especially early where the possession dominance came to the fore again.

All that said these commentators are so preconceived with the status of a player and his hype......Latrell Mitchell's try ...Yvonne has a mini over how good he is and shows again his first blistering first try, for christs sake it was a richochet off someones legs and he fell on it. Tedesco, they go up before he actually starts running, just catching it is a eighth wonder. Cooper he is managing everything beautifully. Boyd Cordner is looking very dangerous all game and the commentar reels off his stats 56metres run (choke) but he has made 27 tackles!

Now back to the heading and to all those Moses lovers (love to hate) and the "horrendous" mistakes he made against Raiders..... i read that somewhere today on this site and asked , shite what did he do that was horrendous(no answer) but never let the facts spoil a story if you want to make a point.

Today Cronk kicked out on the full....death sentence for comment for Cronk, play on.

Cronk kicks the ball too long 25m many times can we kill this bloke....again no comment....

Cronk misses a tackle, well he is a half? Cronk over rules both on field captains and argues with the ref....Moses would be crucified.

Whats the point of me saying this.....its all about the preconceived ideas that people have planted into their head by perceptions created. Moses defence was actually very good in the horror year last year, this year people are now noting how good his defence is. They didn't notice last year, they were too busy rubbishing him and Norman.

My plea is please try and make up your own mind when you judge a player.....we had two of our best young up and comers tried, judged and hung by a couple of our supporters from monday's game.

Guths first game of course was the classic.....

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  • Agree 100%.

    This goes for more than just players. Media plays favourites with teams, administrators, fans the lot. 

    Certain commentators like to pile it on the Eels. 

    If you watched 100% footy on Monday night, Gould made an interesting comment, that eels are a juggernaut that just needs to get it together and when we do we could be the biggest sporting club in Australia.

    That's a big call

    • Gus has been saying that for years, and honestly, is he wrong ?

      He also the coach that could deliver a premiership would be king of the world. Again, is he wrong ?

  • Pop's these players you mentioned have  played at the highest level,  they have achieved everything their is to achieve on the game and have nothing to prove  so when they make mistakes of course it's not going to be  scrutinized and made a big deal of . It's same way if they do something that is just okay the commentators will make it out like they did something unbelievable .


    Mitchell Moses has not played at the highest , has not proven he can step up in big games and has not achieved anything in the game yet you are trying to compare why he is treated differently to players who have achieved everything. 

    • Accept all this Frankie but when you go to the winery in Griffith and taste the young wine, you say leave that in the bin for another two years and it will be perfect.....same principle applies, i remember when Cronk was just a bum up here and went to Melbourne and sat in that bin for a few years before becoming what he is emphasis is on the patience and recognising the talent.... and giving it the opportunity to know this and I believe you even support it, it is just the "dopes" you run into here take you down other avenues.....

      I loved the Riverina by the way,fell in love when I was about 18 down there for the first time (at Leeeton). I was pretty immature mind you, drinking sparkling burgundy from De Bortoli's wines and spewing everywhere! You would have had me shot my selections were so poor, but you would not probably have been born at the time.

      I'm sure you had your day on sparkling burgandy to you realised there were better things to have.

  • The media's obsessions with some players shits me.  I'm sick of hearing certain players names even when they do fuck all as you pointed out.  It has made me wonder are they too friendly with some players or possibly even to close to their manager and by hyping them, open up opportunities for sponsorship or 3rd parties.

    No problem with star players getting recognised when playing well but mitchells try being talked up was perfect example of hyping an undeserving play or moment.  One of the worse example I have seen was when NSW lost a deciding game 3 a few years ago and every Qld try or line break was direct result of cordner missing a tackle.  Cordner was under an injury cloud and obviously should not have played yet commentators wrapped his efforts all game as a solid leader never questioning if he should have played.  A true leader would have stepped aside as he was clearly not 100% and shouldn't have played.  Cordner is amongst the best backrowers and captains in the game yet on that occasion he didn't deserve any wraps yet took credit while others took blame for the loss.

    • FM I'm not sure how old you  are but this has been going on Nearly 20 years , the term for it is "Media darling"  here are the top 5 media darlings who were alwsys protected and defended at all costs by the footy media regardless  of what they did or how they played .

      1. Andrew Johns 

      2. Billy Slater 

      3. Greg Inglis

      4. Johnathan Thurston

      5 Darren Lockyer

      • You forgot $BW and the channel 9 love tribute Gus Gould lost his load over when he returned....that is worst example I have seen.

        • Then on the other spectrum you had Jarryd Hayne , if he didn't score 2 tries and set up 4 each game he was crucified .

          • good observations both you guys!

            You can add Mitchell and Ponga to that list now......It is rediculous what Fox is doing with Ponga, his outstanding talent is undisputed but christ he will have trouble getting his head through the tunnels the way it is going.....probably not his fault by the way, but again bad management in pushing to early into a media profile.

  • 10 mins to go Storm down by 2.

    I think Slater retiring is the straw that broke the camel's back.

    They are no longer the team they were 2 years ago. All I see is one out stuff, forwards dropping balls and a general struggle even to beat the worst team in the comp the Bulldogs 2 weeks ago.

    Update- Storm win. Good for us as the Warriors are our competitors for the top 8.

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