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Just finished watching Roosters and Dragons....noticed against that the rub of the green went Roosters way, especially early where the possession dominance came to the fore again.

All that said these commentators are so preconceived with the status of a player and his hype......Latrell Mitchell's try ...Yvonne has a mini over how good he is and shows again his first blistering first try, for christs sake it was a richochet off someones legs and he fell on it. Tedesco, they go up before he actually starts running, just catching it is a eighth wonder. Cooper he is managing everything beautifully. Boyd Cordner is looking very dangerous all game and the commentar reels off his stats 56metres run (choke) but he has made 27 tackles!

Now back to the heading and to all those Moses lovers (love to hate) and the "horrendous" mistakes he made against Raiders..... i read that somewhere today on this site and asked , shite what did he do that was horrendous(no answer) but never let the facts spoil a story if you want to make a point.

Today Cronk kicked out on the full....death sentence for comment for Cronk, play on.

Cronk kicks the ball too long 25m many times can we kill this bloke....again no comment....

Cronk misses a tackle, well he is a half? Cronk over rules both on field captains and argues with the ref....Moses would be crucified.

Whats the point of me saying this.....its all about the preconceived ideas that people have planted into their head by perceptions created. Moses defence was actually very good in the horror year last year, this year people are now noting how good his defence is. They didn't notice last year, they were too busy rubbishing him and Norman.

My plea is please try and make up your own mind when you judge a player.....we had two of our best young up and comers tried, judged and hung by a couple of our supporters from monday's game.

Guths first game of course was the classic.....

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  • I agree Poppa, the media literally know nothing of our club & its players!

  • Poppa, unfortunately that preconceived status also affects how the refs run the game, like you said, the roosters got a heap of incorrect calls go their way in the 1st half.

    • same as us seems that it is a physcological thing they cannot handle.

      • read that again this morning and emphasise I am saying the refs can't handle it....not the recipient team.

    • Brissy the same thing happened in the Storm game. One of their players knocked on at the PTB and the ref ruled play on after the Warriors complained.

  • True comments about player bias. Latrell did feck all today apart from scoring a try.

    Hunt was diabolical today two crucial knock on when it looked the Dragons would be over the try line and Norman's kicking game was next to dogshit.

    The Roosters looked gassed in the 2nd half and were there for the taking but the Dragons found ways to choke just when it seemed they'd steal the game.

    Anyway, good result for us today as the Dragons are our competitors.

  • Don't worry Poppa, the doomsayers will come out and say Cronk has earned the right to make mistakes, whereas Moses has not.

    • Actually Mick I can go along with that but, aren't you allowed more more mistakes when you are learning? The reality is that Moses has got a fair way to go and will improve as the team does, if the team doesn't he probably won't as well. it is chicken and the egg thing Mick....look at the improvement in some of these young forwards, Nikore looked ok last year but don't get lost on him.... this year he has improved so much he will just about make the NZ test side. Lane has been to 3 clubs before us and BA the bum recognised his potential.....we sort of got a glimpse of Evans this year but he is now out of his depth in our new look side. Nice try BA but you can't win them all.
      They want to rubbish Stone because he is light and understanding of the line speed and effort this kid will bring in the next couple of years ....we are harsh judges when it comes to potential and understanding how it changes into performance.
      Why is it that the older supporters and the interstate supporters can see it but the haters form a group that want instant actions ....., no good and throw it out. Nothing wrong with being critical but the process has hardly been sporting!
      Why are old people respected, supposedly because we have experience of some sort....the young people of today seem to be jealous because we have done something they may not have.....don't tell them we remember the mistakes we made to get there!
      The media the are being paid to fake their orgasms!
      All these people need to be is patient and one day they will be a silly old fool's just like us! LOL

    • This happens in all sports. In US pro sports it's called "the All-Star call". Refs given certain players the benefit, and the rest have to earn theirs. It's not unique to Rugby League.

      • I'm sure you are right Brett, cricket even comes to mind!

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