Jnr paulo ffs

We need him but doubtful , guthos dummy was funny  , our attitude today was way off , im worried as fuk refs will go against and end us ? 

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  • Cant see him getting a suspended for that

    • No way.
      Utter bullsh1t if he does, but Junior does have a poor record at the Judiciary. 

  • I thought our attitude was fine - we belted their forwards all day and we were really physicallly dominant 

    I like our chances next week - Penrith look like they've got the wobbly boot on and will be under shit tons of pressure 

    we won't lose any players to suspensions all look low grade fine type incidents 

    • Agree about the wobbly boot 

  • Lane drove trhe Knights players sideways.  Made it look worse that it was.  That said, they will charge him and when have we defended anything lately?


  • Attitude was great. We belted them all day. Ponga was just too good at times. They targeted poor old Fergo standing too tight and too slow to turn. 

    • If we had a player like The Pong in our sqaud at FB we'd be a genuine heavy hitter.  

      • 100%. It's what we're missing for sure. 

        • Yep, but we won't pay for such a player and expect miracles.

      • We'd also have to forego a number of players who were out there today. We're not one of the teams that have a sombrero remember.

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