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As per Danny Weidlers article 

“The Sharks also asked that Holmes’ partner leave her job at the club, but she left on good terms. She attended the Sharks’ Christmas party”

is her wage included in the cap ? 

Was she employed the year they won the comp?

Does it not mean their cheating was systematic not just a couple of players and also current admin apart  of the rotting ?

if they don’t strip them of the title , Parra should take the NRL to court over the savyiobd they placed on us and demand millions in damages due to brand damage and having to release squad members and reimbursement of fines paid

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Was she being paid overs or a normal wage as expected for her job?

Doesn’t matter if she was not being paid overs . If it was legit employment , Holmes playing for the club or not should have no impact on her continuing employment and they have no right to ask her to leave . In fact it would be illegal for them to do so , unless she was employed to circumvent the cap 

Off course it’s unfair dismissal if the work was legit. That’s a seperate issue to a salary cap breach.

My question was purely related to determining if the work was legit or a way to dodge the cap much like we did when we didn’t declare the player wife that was a hairdresser in early 2000s.

Edit: Just realised HFK mentioned below Dallas Weston’s wife and her being a Beautician.

Very questionable however the fact they have laid off a number of other staff to cut costs, means nothing will be done or investigated

Years ago parra got fined $40k for being over the cap by $40k for employing Dallas westons wife as a beautician.

partners can work for the club now however it needs to be declared and the nrl judge if they have the required qualifications and the salary is fitting of the position.

I wonder though if overtime and things are looked at afterwards.  Pretty easy to top up a salary with over 20k in loading and overtime payments which aren't actually worked

I know part of the package that Ben Hunt has with the Dragons included his missus getting a job with the club. I'm sure this sort of stuff goes on all the time. It's just if we were doing it someone would go and dob to the NRL and everything would go to shit.

Also how much do you think their partners are getting paid? If it’s like a 100k then that’s heavy rorting

 Kenny Power:  Whilst I can understand your angst about this---the Eels have walked through that Valley of Death! I am a bit perplexed as to why you want to put the boot into the Sharks? Sure, they have cheated the salary cap but all the clubs have at one time or the other. We all know that. I will get no pleasure or satisfaction if the Sharks have the Grand Final taken off them or if they suffer huge fines or if people are expelled or suspended. Not a bit of it. I think the problem here is Greenburg--as always! He destroyed Parramatta but seems to have gone to ground when other clubs are revealed of cheating the salary cap. The NRL is a mess as a result. Why the emphasis on Holms girlfriend? Homes may have met her for the first time at the club. That is, she could have been employed at the club before Holmes came into the equation? You use a word-- savyiobd I don`t know what that means, neither does my spell checker! I get a chuckle at the Sharks though. This season they have been coming down hard on Andrew Fifta over some of his carry-ons. What is worse though Fifta or cheating the salary cap? Don`t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

This is quite a coherent reply Robert. The question is definitely whether Holmes' partner was employed at the Sharks before she became involved with him.

From memory both and Cayless and Hindmarsh had their wives working for Parra but I'm pretty sure at least one of the couples met via their employment.

Clubs can't hide that sort of employment. It's pretty bold or stupid as a way of cheating the cap.

the sharks are the biggest salary cap cheats in the nrl bar none end of story.

Mate every c*** goes over the cap but what I’ll never understand is why we were punished for Previous years


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