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An alarming heatwave in the sunless winter Arctic is causing blizzards in Europe and forcing scientists to reconsider even their most pessimistic forecasts of climate change.

Although it could yet prove to be a freak event, the primary concern is that global warming is eroding the polar vortex, the powerful winds that once insulated the frozen north.

The north pole gets no sunlight until March, but an influx of warm air has pushed temperatures in Siberia up by as much as 35C above historical averages this month. Greenland has already experienced 61 hours above freezing in 2018 - more than three times as many hours as in any previous year.

Seasoned observers have described what is happening as “crazy,” “weird,” and “simply shocking”.

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Thats right, Trump is the smartest and bravest man on the planet. He will sort this whole mess out.

Muttman you clearly draw your diet of what climate scientists say by looking at popular science or casual interviews. Find that stuff in IPCC reports. 

By contrast nuclear power was officially too cheap to meter. Gas companies told us if we allow extraction prices will plummet. Coal companies denied pullution. 

If you persist in picking low hanging fruit about something and refuse to educate yourself about actual predictions, well of course you’ll believe only hyperbole is stated

heck what the feck lets take the risk???

Exactly, its those latte sipping eastern suburbs elitists that will be under water first!

We should just risk our future in case those 3% are right. No way in the world should we reduce our use of fossil fuels because burning them definitely does not release carbon that has been sequstered for millions in the earth back into the atmosphere. Facts are stupid. Fcuk it all!

That's the spirit. Throw your toys out of the cot because not everyone is making huge knee-jerk decisions based on theories.

I'm not disputing climate scientists. But it's not me who is making outrageous doomsday prophecies that time and again simply do not eventuate. I don't buy into the 'end is nigh' stuff that gets plenty of air-time on social media. Because those predictions have been proven to be pure fiction. That is a fact.

This is definitely important stuff and it needs to be considered and planned for. It also needs to be balanced against our ability to exist and progress. So we don't say, waste millions building a desalination plant in Sydney that has literally never been turned on, or spend millions putting pink batts into people's homes that does nothing for the environment but does risk people's safety and did cause deaths. Or bring in the world's most expensive carbon tax that did absolutely nothing for the environment whilst raising almost nothing and costing millions to administer. 

Climate science shouldn't be a social movement. It should be pure science. It should base findings in fact and stop making biblical prophecies that aren't true.

Personally speaking, its technology that will progress us to a clean energy future. Mankind has never regressed in its entire history.

You want to replace coal then it has to be a technology that delivers baseload power as reliably, cheaply and as powerfully as coal.

You want to replace petrol then (as Tesla are doing) produce cars that perform as good or better than petrol cars for the same or less cost.

That's how we make true progress on carbon emissions. Not through hashtags and protests but through better technologies.

Umm. Yep. But that's a solution Muttman. No place for that when we are all running around blaming ourselves - sorry - I mean everyone but ourselves. 

"Mankind has never regressed in its entire history." I don,t want tp be picky Muttman but a good topic to consider as a side track--- as an extension of progress -- it depends how you look at that--From my limited knowledge of history-The Greeks progressed the Arts, architecture, Governance in quite a big way--The barbarians took everyone back to the dark ages in all these aspects of progress for many hundreds of years. When people in the 1500,s started to look to ancient Greece that became a huge stimulus to a big jump in many facets of daily life--- The Renaissance----- We had Leonardo Da Vinci--start exploring a whole lot of possibilities with things like Submarines and flight---. It took a long time since those times again to make  Da Vinci ,s ideas a reality. Many of the things you raise about Science not fulfilling predictions may take time to eventuate---There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes to harness energy but being held up by self  interest Fossil fuel industry.who have huge investments to protect. In historical terms in future we could be talking about the Fossil Fuel industry being the Barbarians of the middle ages who are stifling progress. Maybe a new renaissance will have to address many issues sadly lacking in governance for everybody to have a bigger share in the overall economy

Islam has regressed 

Not sure about that one  Snake---the way it is being interpreted --definatley yes  The core probably still remains the same

I don't think MANKIND regressed. Maybe slowed down a bit due to the bubonic plagues.

1st it was Mesopotamia, the Egypt, the Greece, then Rome, the Islam which was a progressive religion when it 1st established itself. Many Islamic scholars saved works from ancient Greece. Then is was a period when things slowed down and this was due to christianity smothering free thought. The Protestantism came along with the rennaisance and too us away from the dark ages. I think that Protestantism with it free thinking and non-subjication to the Pope took the world to another era. Yeah, the Spanish went to the America's but they just went their to loot. The English on the other hand, we there to build, not only take.

Parra Fan---The Pantheon in Rome was built a couple of thousand years ago Brunelleschi in the 1500,s went to Rome to study how they built the dome----Florence had the dome built from that technology---Rome was very sophisticated in those times and I am pretty sure went backwards technologically--- Same as today the Fossil fuel Barbarians are holding back many technologies which could serve us all much better--- This will probably be discussed as a dark age period in that technology in the next 100 years or so

I like that "fossil fuel barbarians". Great truth in that description.

I too agree they are holding back alternative energy sources purposely.

I'll continue to stand on the fact that the monotheistic religions together with the great plagues and probably Gengiz Khan held back humanity. That f*cker is estimated to have killed 10% (40 million) of the worlds population at that time.

Its a shame the Chinese industry and knowledge took so long to come to Europe. They too were great.


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