Is the 8 already decided ?

Clearly this blog is in the "going off too early" category, but does anyone else feel that the 8 is in effect, if not in fact, already decided ? 

I get that there is still 16 rounds to play, but is there a real contender to make the 8 that is not currently in the 8, and if so, who are the teams to fall out ?

The obvious answers to the 1st question are the Broncos & Rabbitohs, but I have real doubts about both teams.

The Broncos will still beat up on bad teams at home, but the problem is that they don't play that many bad teams. They have the Titans twice & the Dragons, Bulldogs & Warriors, but that's about it. Even if they win all 5 of those games that only gives them 7. Maybe they beat the Tigers & Bunnies, that's 9. I still don't think that's enough. They also already have a terrible for and against.

The Bunnies are better than the Broncos, but less talented, but are they better than any team currently in the 8 ? The Cowboys ? Maybe. The Knights or Panthers ? Not on what we've seen so far. Cody Walker will help their attack somewhat when he returns, but they still feel a couple of boss middles short of being a real threat and I still don't see Latrell as a legit fullback. Their draw is slightly easier than the Broncos, but only slightly. They have the Dogs twice, the Dragons, Titans & Warriors, but again that only gets them to 7 wins like the Broncos. They do play the Tigers twice which could go either way, but you'd suspect they'll split those games, that gets them to 8 wins, still not enough.

So, who are the candidates to slide ?

The Cowboys immediately come to mind, especially in light of how the Sharks towelled them up last night. Their draw isn't particularly friendly, with really only games against the Warriors, Titans & Dragons as expected wins, however they have a number of games that they could conceivably win if they are at their best, whilst only having 4 games against the presumptive top 4 of the Eels, Raiders, Roosters & Storm.  When the Cowboys have been good this season thus far, they've looked very good. The round 14 fixture on Aug 15 against the Bunnies could be pivotal. 

If there is going to be a change based on the first 4 rounds, the only real possibility I think is the Rabbitohs replacing the Cowboys, and I still favour the Cows. 

I think.

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  • I don't think the top 8 are necessarily already set in concrete. Anything can happen in 16 weeks. The Broncos or the Rabbits haven't been that impressive so I agree with you there Brett. I'm also not sure about the Storm to be honest. I am also still not convinced about the Eels being a threat to winning the premiership. In my opinion they're still lacking a couple of good players and they don't have the ability to put teams to the sword and they struggle in the big important games. The premiership favourites should be the:

    1) Roosters ( hate to say it)

    2) Raiders

    3) Manly (Des is a good coach and won before)

    4) Storm ( mainly because they're always there)

    5) Penrith ( have some good players)

    6) Eels (???? If they start losing games it could change their momentum).

    7) Bunnies or Sharks

    8) Tigers

     That's my top 8 but not necessarily in that order.

    • As long as sharks are not in there monts I will be happy

  • Not impressed by Storm

    Top four for me are 

    Parra, Roosters, Raiders and Penrith


    Storm, Manly, Knights and Dragons 

    lol last one is just messing with you

  • The only thing I'm confident of is these side will not make the 8. 





    The other 11 sides are all a good chance. 

    • So you've written the Broncos off already ?

      I think you'll end up being right, but you've locked it in ?

      • Yep Broncos are rubbish. Worst spine in the comp, deep seeded club problems, a totally unbalanced team. I have them around 12 th. 

        • I've written them off as well but they do have players coming back like Tevita Pangai, Ben Teo and Alex Glen - like you said its a terrible spine they will be competitive but won't make the 8.

        • I've said it before, the Broncos organization still see themselves internally as the gold standard, and commercially they are, but in terms of footy, they are the worst run footy department in the league outside of the Titans & Dragons, even the Dogs have a better run football department.

          A large part of that is the footy media up here doesn't lay a glove on them, especially the commercial networks. Ironically enough, the Courier Mail are tougher on them than the networks.

          Brisbane can't get a second team fast enough.

  • No.

    • Care to elaborate there Darius ?

This reply was deleted.

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