Note: for whatever reason this may bring out the ugly in the people. I have no interest in causing a stir. No negativity please. I'm only sharing as I know some here genuinely care and have an interest.


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              • Also, 7 times the rate of child abuse and neglect, wake up tiger, looks like you know very little about your own people, why am i not surprised?

              • Read Jacinta Price, and aboriginal politician. Warren Mundine.....


              • 32 times more likely to be bashed by your partner if you are an aboriginal woman, that my friend is a national fucking disgrace.

                • I think we're meant to just look the other way. You know, like the Catholic heirachy do when their priests are molesting children.

              • So it turns out Aboriginal men are the most violent towards women in the country, not by 1 or 2 times, by over 30, wow, something to be really proud of mate.

                Next time mate ,dont bring a swiss army pocket knife to a gun fight.


                • Mate, like I said, I never said the indigenous community doesn't have it's problems. 
                  Every community had it's problems. 

                  • Actually its been an entertaining blog, some good debate, no hardc feelings bro, youre ok by me.


              • super sub, when you called me a fukwit i got a bit defensive, there was no need for that on my behalf, i was just pointing out some stats.

                Some of the nicest salt of the earth guys i know are Aboriginal, id be hard pressed to find nicer guys, ive got nothing against indiginous people, im just sick of the cultural revolution we have going atm, its promoting division and hate just like the BLM.

                Ive just had an overdose, we are all Australians, thats what we should be celebrating imo.

                No hard feelings, sorry for getting defensive.


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