I’ve decided it’s time for a little romance

I’m not thinking of marriage I tried that once but it didn’t last. I’d just like  a young lady between 30 and 50  with some nursing experience and sponge bath expertises. I tried E harmony but they only want guys with stubble.  If anyone has a single sister, mother or grandmother available and interested I ready to rock.

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            • I'll tell you where he hiding! and he didn't runaway with the spoon!

              Everyone knows Pig's fly!


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    • Slugg whatever  you do champ make sure you don't take the same route as Micky/Sinners to get some romance. 


      Below is Micky/Sinners with the love of his life Ozkan the donkey.  3835885149?profile=RESIZE_710x3835886549?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Slugg I joined  E-Harmony (looking for love )  filling in the questionnaire got as far as what i would like to see in a lady , i guess my prick was not the correct reply ,Membership cancelled .

    • There's a lot of pricks on here AAE.... membership is cancelled but you are always welcome here with the rest of us pricks lol

      PS Don't get excited Sluggo, I said pricks not "sledgehammers".

  • Grindr?

    • Wake up you silly old bastard .A good root and a green apple would kill you .probably just the green Apple 

  • Sluggo, do you like a lass with plenty of junk in the trunk? My Aunty is available & you can see from the photo that she has her own transport.3837040157?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • She also used to have a shitzu but it disappeared a few weeks ago .

This reply was deleted.

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