I’ve decided it’s time for a little romance

I’m not thinking of marriage I tried that once but it didn’t last. I’d just like  a young lady between 30 and 50  with some nursing experience and sponge bath expertises. I tried E harmony but they only want guys with stubble.  If anyone has a single sister, mother or grandmother available and interested I ready to rock.

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    • Nice but no stubble please

  • Many moons ago, I was at the Races perving at a young Jennifer HAWKINS.   This old fella who was at least 85 years old, grabbed my arm and said "  Son, For every good sort out there - someone is sick of xucking them "  Never forgotton it. 

    Mate - I am married.  Would I do it again NO. Rather hit my old fella with hammer.   Good luck in your pursuits SLUGG.   

    • Hope I find someone soon I'm already losing interest.

      • Food will give you greater satisfaction

        • You’re right Tragic In the words of The Immortal Bard “If food be the music of love, eat on”

    • My father had a similar saying. Looking at a gorgeous woman he said "Son, somewhere out there she is making some poor bastards life a misery"


  • There might be a little bit of competition from Stephanie. You can have my ex Sluggy, she comes well trained, she put up with me for 25yrs. Comes with service history and log books. Drives well, just replaced rear end, she's like a Prius, runs on batteries.

    • Is she a virgin?

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