I need a new look any suggestions?

at the moment my hair looks a lot like the photo below. Going to the barber Is a pain in the arse but I'm considering a change. The bald thing is not an option so can any of you trendy folk suggest a new look for an old guy. 

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      • Or for an entirely different look


  • Image result for old man with bad haircut

  • Image result for old man with bad haircut

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    • Could do blue and gold stripes 

    • R.I.P. 


  • Walk backwardsp

  • Slugg, I'd suggest you go to a hairstylist and experiment if you really want a change, or else you might end up with a  worse result than the mop-flop.

    I like Clooney's classic style if you have the volume...



    Or else go shorter...



    JP is presentable to without the Hollywood face...


    Some examples. It all depends on your face shape and what suits your character. 

  • I'm seriously considering this one


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