I can’t dance I never could

Even when I could still walk I couldn't dance. I wanted to be as good as Fred Astaire but James Cagney would have been ok. 

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  • Me and the missus at a local contest just a couple of years back.


    • Nice to see you still got it in ya Slugg


      • 8468775294?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • This Poppa about 15 years ago.


    • so glad he forgot his viagra Sir Col

      • lol pops classic 

      • That reminds me of something not sure what 

        • What does FVHS stand for Pops

      • Pops, please mate, if it's okay with you, don't post vagina pics or brazen nudity - publicly. You've done it a few times. 

        Sometimes I browse blogs or the "activity section" where these kinds of pics stand out like dogs' balls and my family, including lots of young kids are often around me (and mimic behaviour). Then, there also is my wife/family who would suspect I'm on this site for my kick of soft porn, lol.

        Personally, I don't have any issues with nudity or porn per se - each to their own in private (and I enjoy our own private activities & fantasies).

        Anyway, no offence intended. Have a great day!

        • That's what it was I knew it reminded  of something 

This reply was deleted.

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