How do the disgruntled fans force change?

For those that are sick of the performances on the field and want BA gone (and certain players), how do we force change? Leagues club rallies are juvenile. Let's share some thoughts?

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  • Stop topping the membership 

  • I’ve heard standing on the hill throwing 20c pieces works .

  • Do what I did a few months ago when they let the good players go. Cancel your automatic renewal, they sit back rubbing their hands together, they get their money.

    Thet are not getting my automatic commitment while serving up the same crap.


    • Thats my plan as well blue eel

      Money talks with this board as results sure don't seem to matter.

      If we drop down in the membership numbers they will be motivated to make changes

      It kills me to break my 10 year + membership but i believe it is actually for the gòod of the club in the long run.

  • Easy the players giving up on the coach and missing the 8 that'll force change.Turn upto games with Big Banners showing your distaste for the coach and inconsistency of the team.

    Like mentioned earlier don't pay club membership which has grown into the biggest yearly in the nrl now.

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