• And I can live with mistakes, even the occasional howler. So long as the ref is using his eyes and judgement I'll live with the result, and so will the vast majority of players and coaches.

          • Totally agree Brett, I have re-watched a few games from the 80's over the past few weeks and noticed how many mistakes the refs made back then but everyone just got on with it and without all the replays, as a fan, you were able to just accept it. The tv networks need to play a part in this.

          • With ya again

        • I only just noticed this part of the conversation - I agree completely regarding the drop off in video analysis and scrutiny of the referees. I'd prefer to just enjoy the game and not evaluate whether something the ref has done is right or wrong. 

          • Your last statement is key. We're not talking about the ref being write or wrong. We might not agree with the decision, but we are satisfied they've made an instinctive decision based on what their eyes saw, not according to some checklist handed to them from on high.

            I thought there were a few 50/50's that Sutton got wrong last night. I don't think Gutho's pass to Sivo was forward, neither did I think Milford's pass to Oates was forward, and there's no way that Waqa Blake knocked on in the 2nd half, but it doesn't matter. He made the decision, we move on. If you want to argue and bitch about it you'll lose the game.


      • Yep

    • How fast is origin going to be. Those six again calls will be massive , NSW will have a distinct advantage with their forward pack. 
      Origin will be frenetic.

  • It doesnt really matter if the opposition is back 10 or 8 metres. The game will be so swift from now on.

    Fans wanted to see continuous action and that's what we were given last night. Trainers with radio's telling the halves what to play has gone out the door too. It is the time of the smaller skillful, ad hoc and on the fly players. Dummy halves and playmakers can play to their instincts with defensive lines out of breathe all over the place. Greatest rule change ever since a 3 point try became a 4 point try.

    Yawnion can keep their shitty 3 point penalties and field goals.

  • I'm still skeptical. It'll take coaches a week to work out how to exploit this. And when they do we'll all be on here complaining about their tactics. 
    I'm definitely no Coach but I'd be considering having players dive at the feet of the defence, like teams used to do before the dominant tackle call was introduced. Under this new rule you could end up getting repeat after repeat as sides struggle to stop quick play the balls. 
    Regardless it's great to have the game back. 

    • Didn't the tigers win the comp in 2005 doing that?

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