• Its about disicipline Fishy, If our boys are disiplined in the ruck and peel off correctly, then there is no 6 again. Fitness and finess comes back into the game. Love it win or lose, the spectacle is so much better. Real footy comes to mind, heads up, play whats in front, ab lib footy with structures around. love it..

  • I too love the new changes. They help promote a faster game which suits us. Let's face it, we havent been the best team when it comes to wrestling around the ruck. Teams with experience and big forwards would beat us everytime. I feel with the 6 again this takes away the advantage they had. We werent a team that would hold out giving away penalties to reset our defensive line.

    One ref is better than two. Less stopages and less nit-picking.

    The game is all about fitness and pace now. Big slow unfit forwards fit for only 40 mins will be gone from the game. We're quite lucky because our forwards bar Junior are swift and agile. This rule change suits Parra to a T.

  • It was brilliant. Gerard Sutton was less focused on penalties and more focused on letting the game flow. I like that the 6 again rule is discretionary, the ref can decide if he wants to call 6 again or actually blow a penalty, whichever he feels "in his best judgement" benefits the attacking team the most. He actually looked very comfortable out there and and for the first time looked like an NRL standard ref. I don't even care that they got a couple of forward pass and knock on calls wrong, I can live with that.

    Out of all of this we might actually find that the standard of officiating in our game is actually pretty good. We might actually find that it hasn't been the refs that have been the problem, but the rules and the incessant meddling by the games administrators, I'm looking at you Todd Greenberg.

    This is what officating in sport is supposed to be, let the players decide the game, and make discretionary decisions based on what is the best outcome for the affected team, using the rule book as a guideline only, not a checklist.

    PVL for the win !!!

    • Spot on Brett, the players decided the game and the refereeing was secondary. For too long there's been whinging about the refs and last night showed what Rugby League looks like when they take a back seat.  It was high tempo football almost like State of Origin. We might have to accept sometimes the refs will miss stuff and make best judgement calls - which I'm ok with when the players determine the flow and result of games.

      • That’s it, that is what refereeing is about, it’s best judgement with rule book as a guideline. 

        If they miss a forward pass or a knock on, move on. 

        As Fatty said after the game, the 10m was pretty skinny in the second half, but it didn’t matter,  the 26 blokes on the field were absolutely gassed. That’s why it was skinny, they couldn’t get back 

    • I would say though that he was keeping a very good 8 metres. Sides like Melbourne and Cronulla jump the gun on the 10 so imagine what it'll be like if they're closer to the attacking line and able to get up faster.

      • It's not the distance that matters Super. If a defender is absolutely gassed and he can only get back 8m, so what ? He's gassed, he isn't going to be rushing off the line when he's that tired. Now if defenders are just being lazy and are then rushing up early, that's different, that's when the refs are going to be calling 6 again. Not even the Storm can keep repelling teams tackle after tackle with a breather.

        • Spot on Brett, it won't matter as long as it's consistent for both teams. People shouldn't get too worried about being exactly 10m. Anywhere from 7-11m is fine as long as it's fast and consistent for both teams. Back in the day it used to be 5m and it still worked.

    • You know what I think is one of the best things about the new rule Brett, they don't have time to show replays. I thought the 6 again to the Broncos on the 5th tackle was a bit rough, but you know what, no replay and play goes on so you just get on with it and can't bitch and moan after seeing a replay. I reckon Bellamy and Robinson would be crapping themselves watching that game last night. The Roosters now shouldn't be able to deliberately give away penalties to set their defence and the Storm shouldn't be allowed to slow down the ruck constantly and let Smith have his way with the refs. It really is brilliant.


      • That point about replays probably shouldn't be understated Brissy. Most, if not all, of the scrutiny on referees is driven by video footage, so the less the better I guess. And after all, they are human beings, and will make mistakes, just like the rest of us.

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