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  • Darius Gutherson?

    • Think about it Alan David Reid...

    • Hahaha


      • He hasn't left a club to follow a coach, he's just re-signed to stay with a coach. 2nd one in rugby league history to ever do that, is he? FMD, hundreds of players have done that.

        • Settle down now Alan David Reid.

  • Well done Burnie and O'Neile. 

  • So many Gutherson signs blogs I don't know which one to add to..........Oooohhhh dammit I want to know that my future is secure and everybody loves me, is there a chance I'll make contributers of the year blog if I reply to this one????please advise me 

    • Eggman, weigh up your options, speak to family. You're still young and shouldn't commit to the blog so quickly.

      • You are right, the King Gutho stays an Eel blog is way more popular than this one, and I am worth more than this, even tho I am probably the best contributer on this one and it will be nothing without me, I am going, so long, goodbye and good luck suckers!!!

        • It's easier to stand out in the smaller blogs egg, so you made the right decision.  Your wisdom would be lost amongst the crap in the other blogs 

This reply was deleted.

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