Game Day Blog - Warriors vs Eels

Two of the form teams go head to head this afternoon with the Warriors in great form and the Eels in rotten form.

BA has shown some pretty poor form of late also and has admitted as much. Have the Eels been practising attacking drills as BA has said this week that he will get the team to refocus on defence?

I hope so.

After having 38 points put on them last week and after a long turn around, there really are no excuses today and if this team wants to make a mark on the premiership this year, it should start today.

I'm expecting the Eels to play at least at 80% today and put a decent attacking game on with a very decent defensive effort. There really isn't any reason why the Eels shouldn't win this encounter comfortably.

So, who wins and by what margin?



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  • I'll say Eels by 14.

    MOM Moses.

  • PMSL at this - Two of the form teams go head to head this afternoon but then PMSL even harder at this -  with the Warriors in great form and the Eels in rotten form.

    Nice work Grunts.

    HOWEVER, the one thing our illustrious Third Rate U8s Bush Coach has NEVER explained is why he decided to change from a winning formula earlier in the season to his 4 block BS that now sees us in danger of dropping out of the top 4.

    Is this 4 block BS like a 5 year plan - appears it could be imo.

    Warriors by 10.

  • BTW - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you reprobates who have probably left more kids running around in poverty while their mother's (who you cannot even remember) struggle to clean up the mess you all left behind.

    • Hahahahaha 

  • Yep we've had a long spell since the flogging from the bunnies, but I don't think it's out of our heads.

    And, I doubt BA will have any sort of game plan to stop RTS.

    And, the same lame ducks got picked again to play today

    Warriors by 4

    MOM - The Bunker 



  • Grunts, very confused about this one.   What Team turns up is million dollar question.  If we are remotely fair dinkum of making top 4 and competing tt muist start with a strong win.   With no confidence at all - Parramatta by 2 and BROWN MOM. 

  • If the Eels lose this game watch for a complete copitulation for the rest of the season. 

    Here is what the Eels must do to fix the remaining part of this season and be a legit chance at making a paly for the title:

    They have to play as a team in both attack and defence, moving up fast together in defence and not sitting back waiting for the attack to get to them,

    They all need to push up in attack and support their team mates, its no good if someone makes a break or gets an arm free and no one is there to support the player,

    They need to stop playing for cheap penalties. They need fast play the balls and momentum,

    They need to stop giving away cheap penalties, especially in our own defensive half,

    They must play direct and fast. Stop trying to play around teams, that only works on shit teams with poor defence. The good teams play direct and apply constant pressure. That is what the Eels were doing earlier in the season but moved away from it,

    They need to move away from low percentage plays and thinking they have to score off of every play. Grind teams out,

    If they are trapped in there own half and can't get any attacking momentum then stop obvious one out bullshit and move the ball with numbers around them so the defensive team doesn't just have to focuss on the only guy running with the ball,

    The fifth tackle kicking options need to be much better and kick early to put pressure on their wingers to drop back early and maybe open up some attacking options.

    They can either play as a team who wants to win or they can do what they have done for a month or two now and play one out, obvious, slow and uninspiring football. structured football hasn't been the Eels strongsuit for many years now. Our strong suit has been 09 style football. Unstructured, everone pushing up at once in both attack and defence, tearing apart retreating defensive lines and smothering teams defensively by getting off our line fast and hammering them in defence. 

    I know that is all easier said than done, but it is all mindset.

    In 09 the Eels were odds on to win the spoon and had ben playing like it. It got to the point were the Eels had to win every game to just scrape into the 8. I don't think anything like that had ever been done before. All of a sudden the Eels (led by Hayne but it wasn't all him) began playing like every game was their last game and did everything above that I mentioned. They didn't suddenly begin to put all the structured football they had been practicing all season long together, they simple played like a team who had nothing to lose and everything to gain by going out and having a red hot crack. Every season there will be a team just outside the 8 that does something similar and it is currently the Warriors. They have been counted out, no one gives them a chance and they are playing like they have nothing to lose. The Eels can go out and play nervous and worried about falling outside the top 4 football and likely lose, or, they can go out, have some fun and enjoy their football. 

    It is obvious the pressure has gotten to them and they are forgetting to have fun and enjoy the game. They are more likely to win if they are having fun and working together than getting so stressed and believing that they must perform every little thing right and play exactly to the structured plan.

    A long rant, which I apologies for but the Eels need to play to their strengths, play as a team and not get bogged down in slow laborious crap. I don't mind if they lose today as long as it looks like they had a red hot go and move away from structure if its not working.

    • FFS what is it with all these Tolstoy classics?

      If you got something to say then say it without all the Goose ramblings and over thinking.

      MOM Nickorema.

      Now taking on this Tolstoy challenge here I go.

      Early in the season we were the team to beat in defence - something like 14 points against after 3 or 4 games so we HAD to change that to leaking 20 - 30 points per game.

      Early in the season we OWNED the middle but had to change that to soft cocks being dominated by bottom 4 teams.

      Early in the season we had an attack that actually worked and CONVINCINGLY scored points , so we changed that to a "WTF" are we supposed to do now.

      According to Poppa (and friends) it is ALL the team's fault for not being able to respond to our Illustrious THIRD RATE U8s Bush Coach's instructions.

      Interesting how things changed (for the worse) once Moses came back from injury. When he was out D Brown and Gutho owned the paddock. Prior to injury Moses was doing his job well.

      I can only put that down to having more time in the sheds studying Bushy's marvelous plans and inplimenting them, without the rest of the team being involved or aware of what was expected.

      I doubt many would complain about the effort most of our players have been putting in (there are some glaring exceptions to this though), HOWEVER they have gone back to playing INDIVIDUAL games as opposed to the TEAM effort we saw early in the season.

      We cannot complain about the game plans Bushy develops because he is MIA on that front, and has been of ryears, so you can't complain about something that does not exist.

      We cannot complain about our game management (on field) for the same reason.

      With this in mind we could struggle to remain in the top 4 - I cannot see us falling out of the 8 completely but come finals time we will play two games at best then all over Red Rover.

      I cannot see the Warriors making the 8 but that is of no consequence to us in the long run anyhow.

      To quote Jack - "It all starts in the front office" and we are now showing some serious cracks up there by extending Bushy's contract 18 months early - and without consideration for the long term future of our never ending quest to become a real FG competitive team.


      • that where Tom Hanks is the voice of Woody?


        • lol.... nothing "woody" around here PT

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